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Why The Volkswagen Scandal Could Be Bad News For Chattanooga And Alabama


Volkswagen did something incredibly stupid!  The United States has strict emission laws to make sure everyone has the chance to breathe clean air.  But, someone at Volkswagen decided to skirt the law, and lie about the amount of emissions coming out of their diesel cars.  All of this has turned into the Volkswagen emissions scandal.  Volkswagen lied to their customers, and multiple governments around the world.  At the end, Volkswagen could be fined over $18 billion here in the United States.  And if other governments like Germany decide to fine them a huge amount, it could force Volkswagen out of business.

If Volkswagen goes out of business, what will happen to the thousands of workers who assemble cars at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee?  Volkswagen has admitted that it had sold more than 10 million diesel-powered cars with software designed to bypass emissions testing requirements.  Were any of those cars assembled in Chattanooga?  Sure, Volkswagen is recalling the diesel cars and will attempt to fix the software that has rigged the cars.  But, are other cars other than the diesel cars also rigged?  As of right now, you can’t be too sure because Volkswagen has frauded a lot of people!

Now, what if other foreign car companies have been doing something similar to what Volkswagen has done?  If it’s revealed that other foreign car brands like Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, and other foreign car brands have also lied about their emission standards, it’s going to be bad news to Alabama and other southern states who have mostly foreign car plants.  I mean, other car brands have had a very hard time in the public spotlight.  General Motors had an ignition lock scandal.  Other car companies have also had to deal with a non-working airbag scandal.  And there have also been numerous car recalls over the past few years.

It has got to be a concern for the consumers who wants to buy a new car, and then shortly after buying a car, taking back to the dealer because it was recalled over something.  I mean, this is getting old, because the consumer wants to buy something that is perfect, and has no imperfections.  It seems like more and more car companies are skipping out on their products.  And this is troubling, because cars are massive machines out on the road, and they should have everything working correctly!  That has not been happening lately with all of the recalls in the news.  Now back to the Volkswagen scandal, I do not think the scandal will force Volkswagen out of business.  BUT, I do not see how Volkswagen can avoid any layoffs.

I hope Tennessee is ready for the Volkswagen workers who will be laid off because they lied and frauded their customers.  I can see one-fourth to one-half of all the workers up in the Chattanooga plant who will be soon without a job.  Tennessee needs to get the word out and have the infrastructure ready to assist the former Volkswagen workers who will be angry that their former company lied to them.  Let’s hope this scandal also does not grow to other foreign car makers, because it will be very bad news for Alabama, who cannot afford any more layoffs.  For a state who is the second worse in America for job creation, more layoffs mean more people relying on welfare to survive or moving out of state.  The lesson here kids; don’t lie to your customers!

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