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6 Reasons Everyone Loves Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Harley Davidson can almost seem like a household name. Even if you aren’t much of a motorcycle person, you can instantly recognize the name as one of class and quality. Let’s take a look at why that is and what makes Harley Davidson so lovable.


1. Quality

Anyone who’s anyone knows that Harley is the king of the road. They are by no means meant for speed racing, but these bikes make up for that in their ability to last long term and be taken across the country and back with little to no difficulty. These bikes are considered safe and trustworthy, and well worth the investment to become a proud new owner. The increased stability that comes with a heavier bike like a Harley is also something that becomes useful if you are going to be riding often or for further distances.


2. Accessorizing

Harley Davidson bikes are well-known for their ability to both be accessorized down to the tiniest detail and simultaneously for this process to be largely DIY accessible. This means that you can order from the very extensive accessory catalog and install the parts yourself from the comfort of your own garage. This eliminates several steps and allows the project to mean that much more because it was accomplished by your own hands. The official catalog has everything from the Screaming Eagle product line to oil change kits.


3. Lifestyle

Speaking of accessories, Harley has one of the broadest lines of products to suit your lifestyle. Keep warm with a Harley sweatshirt or throw on a cool Harley backpack to hold your essentials. Whatever it is that you are looking for, there’s sure to be something for you that represents your favorite piece of equipment. In addition, if a ride is from a quality company, like Harley, they are going to know exactly what you need to keep you safe, comfortable, and stylish while riding that slick motorcycle.


4. HOG

The idea of HOG is probably one of my favorite things about Harley as an overall lifestyle choice and brand. HOG stands for Harley Owners Group, and it’s various groups of people who own Harleys that get together for things as simple as lunch on the weekend. They are also responsible for larger events that help benefit various charities and causes in their communities. HOG membership also gives you a list of other exclusive benefits, such as free museum access and even roadside assistance.


5. Dealerships and Repairs

You may think that because the Harley line of motorcycles is so elite, finding a dealership to service your ride would be difficult. This is actually incorrect, wildly so in fact. Not only are dealerships readily available to help you, the list of those who service Harley’s is actually quite extensive.

As fantastic as the dealership network is, Harley’s are surprisingly easy to also work on and repair yourself. What’s even better is that as long as the parts you are utilizing are from Harley, their warranty will still keep you covered. Keep this in mind the next time you are searching for motorcycle dealers in VT.


6. Swag

There is simply no denying the level of cool and confidence you’ll find yourself walking with after becoming a Harley Davidson owner. These ultra cool individuals are treated well and regarded as almost a special breed of rider. Harley’s are notorious for an engine purring loud and proud and able to be heard coming from miles down the road.

The common stereotype of Harley riders is that they are kind and courteous on the road, and it seems difficult to find someone who doesn’t live up to that standard. Simply put, it’s hard to NOT want to own a Harley after watching the level of respect they seem to so easily earn on and off the road.



As you can see, there is an abundance of reasons to love Harley Davidson. From their sleek designs to the honesty and integrity that this brand stands for, Harley Davidson is not only loved but certainly treasured by many. Swing by a dealership near you to see how easily you can begin to become a part of this incredible group of motorcycle owners.

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