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Science Mondays: Where Does My Skin Color Come From?

Welcome to the Science Mondays segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Science Mondays will feature stuff from the world of science and science related content. Our goal here at Geek Alabama is to hopefully have you learn something useful and fulfilling. Science is a geek’s best friend, and we love featuring science content here at Geek Alabama.

Have you ever been convinced that you’re adopted because your parents have a radically different skin color? It really gets you thinking— How DO we inherit skin color in the first place? In this episode, Dr. Tina Lasisi walks us through how we genetically inherit traits, how skin color is distributed across the globe, and how the inheritance of skin color is not as straightforward as we might think.

“Why am I like this?” is a show hosted by biological anthropologist Tina Lasisi, and produced by STEMedia, that dives deep into evolutionary biology to explain some of our existentialism or everyday questions about our body.

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