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Science Mondays: Do You Expand With The Universe

From YouTube channel Veritasium and Derek Muller, comes a question.  Do you actually expand with the universe?  As the universe expands, expanding space is said to “stretch” photons.  But if it stretches […]

Science Mondays: A Photo Booth Where My Dog Can Take Selfies Using Her Paw

YouTuber Simone Giertz had a idea where she could have her dog step into a dog-sized photo booth and the dog would be able to take a picture for Simone to enjoy.  […]

Science Mondays: Simulation Of A Nuclear Blast In A Major City

A collaboration between documentary filmmaker Neil Halloran and Nobel Peace Prize – Research and Information, this short data-driven film simulates a nuclear blast in a major city in order to tally the […]

Science Mondays: Will America’s Disregard For Science Be The End Of Its Reign

You see all over the news and on social media, more and more Americans are no longer believing in basic scientific facts and instead are relying on lies told from idiots on […]

Science Mondays: How Binary Search Makes Computers Much, Much Faster

Ever wondered how computers use all binary to run and search?  YouTuber Tom Scott shows us the science behind binary and how binary helps computers to run fast.  Enjoy below!

Science Mondays: Why People Don’t Believe In Climate Science

This video is from 2014, but it still has meaning in 2020.  The YouTube channel It’s Okay To Be Smart talks about climate change.  Scientists overwhelmingly agree that our climate is changing, […]

Science Mondays: Why People Think The World Is Flat

Welcome to a new Geek Alabama weekly feature!  This new weekly feature is called Science Mondays, and every Monday this will feature science related content.  For the first Science Mondays, let’s talk […]

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