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Trainscapes: The RoadRailer

Welcome to the Trainscapes segment!  Each week here on Geek Alabama, Trainscapes will feature train content including videos of trains and behind the scenes action of trains and locomotives.  Some people have an interest in seeing trains, and we here at Geek Alabama aim to please the train lovers!

A Roadrailer train is one of the most unique freight trains that one can see on the rails. A Roadrailer is a train consisting of a locomotive hauling truck trailers with railroad wheels attached to them. The story of these trains dates back further than you might think. With origins in the late 1800s, the concept of moving road vehicles by rail has changed and been modernized quite a bit since the dawn of railroads. From the occasional flatcar loaded with road vehicles, to entire unit fast trains consisting only of Roadrailer trailers.

In this video from YouTube channel AmtrakGuy365, he talks about the origins of the Roadrailer train, some experimental versions, and how we got the modern iteration we have today.

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