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Read 6 Tips To Growing Your LinkedIn Network

Did you know that compared to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn generates 277 percent more leads? Joining LinkedIn makes perfect sense whether you’re an executive, entrepreneur, job seeker, or freelancer. However, it would be best if you expanded your professional network to gain the maximum from the platform. This will increase your ability to draw in potential employers or customers. It will also assist you in creating a powerful personal brand. The following six tips can help you expand your LinkedIn professional network.

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1. Create a Profile that Stands Out

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be impressive first and foremost. People won’t wish to connect with somebody who doesn’t have a profile photo, doesn’t explain who they are or what they do, and doesn’t have an education or employment history.

It would be best if you optimized your profile to make it stand out and appear reputable. Have a welcoming yet professional profile photo to start, then describe what you do in the bio and fill out other profile elements. Additionally, you should include pertinent keywords in the “about me” section to help the ideal people find you.


2. Post Updates Regularly

It’s crucial that you use LinkedIn actively, starting with posting daily. LinkedIn updates are similar to social media posts. Include a call to action and a discussion about your company in your post to offer value. When you continually remain in peoples’ feeds, there are many more possibilities for them to like, comment, and share your content. Through these interactions, you learn about their connections, providing you with another opportunity to expand your network. Furthermore, when people comment and share your posts, it’s a sign that you are an authority in your field.


3. Personalize Your Connection Requests

The standard connection request message may provide the wrong impression to the person you wish to get to know. The generic message could indicate that you don’t have time to submit a personalized request or that the recipient isn’t significant enough to merit one.

You’ll discover they’re far more inclined to accept connection requests with LinkedIn messages if you personalize them by mentioning how the individual knows you or outlining why they should link with you. The latter is particularly crucial when attempting to establish a connection with prospects you have never met.


4. Add Images to Your Posts

Images are key on LinkedIn, as on other social media networks. Images in posts increase engagement by two times more than posts without them. Additionally, bigger images have a greater click-through rate compared to other photos.

Share creative graphics and high-quality photos on your LinkedIn postings to increase interaction. You could include beautiful images or graphics with your posts. Or you might even distribute digestible advice and ideas using unique infographic-style pictures.


5. Publish Articles

One of the finest methods to build your personal brand and showcase your industry experience is to publish blogs on your LinkedIn profile.

When you write native content, your network is alerted, which increases your chances of interaction and brand exposure. This emphasizes the value of posting new content regularly, as if you fail to do so, you risk losing followers. Although a basic call-to-action to get in contact or check out further resources is normally okay, a post that ends up being a clickbait or a sales pitch may turn readers off fast. Therefore, only write on subjects that will benefit readers.


6. Explore LinkedIn Groups

Commit to looking for LinkedIn groups each month that you may join. Make sure to interact with the group members by leaving comments, asking them questions, and liking their comments. Groups are excellent places to conduct market research, publish links for updates, solicit feedback, and interact with people in your field and those who are not. People are more inclined to connect with you when they encounter you in groups. You can even find a new customer or business partner in the groups you are a part of. Join both large and small groups, as well.


Closing Thoughts

The easiest and most effective networking tool available today is LinkedIn, which puts you clicks away from meeting almost anyone without ever leaving your sofa. By using these suggestions, you should find it easier, more doable, longer-lasting, and ultimately much more enjoyable to expand your LinkedIn network.

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