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Reasons You Are Not Gaining Followers on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most used social media applications in the world. Getting followers on this application is a slow process, and sometimes it seems that you have reached the end and there is nothing beyond in terms of getting followers. Such experience is not only frustrating but also discourages you from becoming the next Instagram sensation. Using social media is a trial and error process, and you should not expect to do everything right the first time. Not getting new followers means that you are doing something that is not right and should change the approach. If you are going through this phase, then don’t worry at all, as we will explain some of the top mistakes that you might be doing that are hampering your Instagram growth. Organic Instagram followers from a service like SimplyGram can also get the work done for you. You can promote and grow your Instagram account with ease using this service.


Posting Frequency

Some people post too frequently and vice versa. Both situations are dangerous for your growth and can lead to some issues that can dissuade people from you. Make sure that the perfect frequency is being followed. To find the perfect frequency, you need to make sure that a social media tool is used in this regard that will gauge your performance. Such tools are also integrated with the analytics that we are talking about, and they will help you through the process of posting.


You Are not Engaging

Instagram is all about connecting with new people. Make sure that once you have posted something, you always talk about it with others. If you are just posting and not talking at all it means that there is no use in such a picture at all. You must engage with not only your audience, but the other followers as well. Make sure that you are getting relevant in your niche, and it is all possible with the help of engagement.



This is an activity where you are banned in terms of post visibility. It means that you are not visible in other people’s feeds and other relevant pages do not see your data. You might be unaware, like most, unless your friend or any of the followers confirms it. Make sure that you are not using any automated software and also not violating the Instagram terms of services. Do not use bots or any other kind of software that is negatively affecting your Instagram account.


Niches are Riches

Make sure that you remain committed to your niche. It also means that you are on track and posting the stories that will ultimately get you a higher Instagram SERP. Don’t get too broad as it will confuse others that whether or not you should follow them. Choose your niche and be loyal to it completely. For instance, you should not go with the broad category i.e. lifestyle but instead go with a narrower category i.e. travel, food, or fashion to get the relevant following. Niche will get you the following that you have always wanted, so just stick to it and make sure that you are not deviating from your task.


Your Bio Is not Optimized

This is another important aspect that will ensure that you get the following that you need. It should not be focusing on you solely, but must target your audience. Make use of hashtags to optimize the content and for greater visibility. Use the link in your bio strategically, and it should also not seem like you are inauthentic. You can also use emojis that will inspire others to follow you. Do not stick with one bio, but change it from time to time.

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