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Seven Instagram Marketing Strategies For Beginners

More than 800 million users, 500 million daily, utilize the social media platform, making Instagram a target to a whole new group of prospective clients no surprise.

As an unbelievably fast-growing network, Facebook spotted the perfect chance to invest early and chose to repurchase Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion, and today they love its investment!

But what are you starting with when it comes to Instagram marketing? Fortunately, Instagram has released an option for business profiles similar to Facebook, which is a terrific starting point.

Everything has been going virtual since the covid hit the society people are more interested in working virtual and so does online marketing also becomes an easy option to adapt.

Still, there are a few more ideas to guide you along Instagram’s route towards success:


  1. Create A Great Profile:

Many individuals will notice the first thing that comes to mind when they get on your profile page is the small amount of information you offer, so taking some time to think about what to include in your profile is crucial.

There are just 150 characters you need for innovative thinking. No way can you squeeze into all your items or services, so why not put your finest USP in focus and get your visitor to find out more?

This is also the only area where you may supply a user with a clickable link, as they don’t allow any links in posts unless you pay for advertising.

Most companies link to their homepage and leave it at that, never returning to it or directing traffic to any other part of their site. However, there is no limit to how many times you may modify this URL, so don’t be scared to do it frequently. You also don’t have to direct them to your homepage. Instead, why not try something different and refer them to your main services page, an event registration form, a contact page, or perhaps a testimonials page to see what others have to say about you?


  1. Be Creative With Imagery:

A dull old photo of a product you offer is the last thing an Instagram user wants to see (i.e., the identical image they will see on your website product page!).

Focus your business instead of the product itself on the solution you can deliver. Create images that consumers may connect to and say, “Hey, I can do something that can help.” This means that people will pay much more attention to your articles and visit your website to understand better the product or service behind the solution they just saw.

You may use the platform to publish photographs, short films like GIFs, and films up to a minute long, so don’t be afraid to experiment to discover which ones generate the most engagement and, as a result, purchases on your website.


  1. Take Benefits Of Cross-Promotion:

It might be challenging to gain a following and get people to engage with your posts when you first start on Instagram. However, by showcasing that you are also on Instagram, you can make the most of those who already know and love your business on other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

There’s a strong probability that many of your other social media followers have an Instagram account as well but aren’t aware that your company does. As a result, tell them where they may find you on Instagram and watch your number of followers slowly grow.


  1. Don’t Post Unnecessary:

When creating a new social page, it might be tempting to go crazy with the number of postings, but this might overload an audience and result in a few unfollows!

To begin, experiment to discover how well your audience responds to your produce pieces. Unfortunately, there is no secret formula for posting many times. This varies greatly depending on your industry sector and target audience, so start with a handful of articles a day and change your publish time. This way, you’ll be able to figure out when most of your followers are on Instagram and when to start adding a few additional posts on jam-packed days.


  1. Make Sure You Interact:

Users like to see that they are also active, so if anyone takes some time to remark on one of your postings, spend a few seconds to thank them for it. This will make them feel good, demonstrate to everyone else that you are interested in what they say, and lead to further observations on future articles.

Make sure to ask your audience questions to motivate and involve them. One excellent technique to invite your followers to “tag three people who enjoy it.” This fosters natural sharing, and since a person you know about, and trust has brought the ‘friend’ to your profile, the refusal to follow you will be lessened as they know that they have to like the person they are tagged and trust in what you are doing.


  1. Do Your Hashtag Research:

Hashtags are the technique to get your posts to a vast Instagram audience. Before posting anything, be careful to investigate hashtags that fit into the subject of your article so that you may jump into the background of this popularity.

The more followers you gain, the better you can utilize your hashtag if they publish anything related to it and view it. It’s easier to create your hashtag and use it on every post.

You may even establish a hashtag for buyers to use while selling the goods for their pictures. That may be big fun for your customers and business, and you could even hire a competition to inspire even more consumers to take part in the most imaginative photo showing your product after this month.


  1. Keep Users Connected:

You want users to be intrigued and return for more wherever you conduct a marketing campaign. So why not get exclusive news and information about new goods, contests, and events with Instagram? With Instagram. You may make a series of teaser posts to keep people coming back before you give them all the thrilling information.

This makes your followers on Instagram feel incredibly special and will keep them returning to your profile to check what the current sneak-peek is the latest product you’ve uploaded, or the cheeky video behind the scenes of what is going on in your business.

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