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Geek Alabama Pets: The White Swiss Shepherd – The Dog Germany Rejected

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The White Swiss Shepherd is extremely beautiful and now shines as a symbol of Switzerland and the beauty of the alps, but once this dog was rejected by Germany due to his white colour so was predominantly developed in Canada and North America. In 1991 Switzerland recognized this breed officially as the White Swiss Shepherd and he finally earned a place in the breed history books that he deserves.

Today Animal Watch flies to Switzerland to meet the most famous White Swiss Shepherd of all time – Rasta, an internet sensation with hundreds of thousands of followers. He is joined by photographer mom Sylvia Michel who take me on a journey of a lifetime through the alpine mountains Lauterbrunnen, the backdrop that inspired the Elves’ home Rivendell in Lord of the Rings films. I also meet three feisty guard dogs in the exquisite Peak District and play amongst the waterfall and dales with Austonely Irish Wolfhounds and White Swiss Shepherds. I finally meet an intelligent and gentle pub dog called Artemus who runs a dog friendly pub in one of the UK’s most beautifully historic Tudor villages Penshurst in Kent – what a beautiful episode!

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