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Music Thursdays: New Single & Video From Again Again -“Pronoun Party”- Spirited Ally Song For Today’s Kids & Families

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Los Angeles-based musicians, Jennifer Cook and Anne Montone, are Again Again, an award-winning performing duo that creates “songs for our times,” which speak to the harmonious development of children in both heart and mind.

“Pronoun Party,” the second single from Again Again’s upcoming album, Your Voice Is Magic, is out today, with an accompanying video. This lively song of allyship and inclusion joyfully celebrates supporting people no matter how they identify. “You have a voice, and you can use it and be proud.”

Stream or download the “Pronoun Party” single HERE.

Triggered by kids’ curiosity about personal pronouns, Again Again wrote “Pronoun Party” to help explain gender identity in a welcoming way while promoting a gender-equal and neutral society.

Nigerian musician William Onyeabor served as inspiration to Again Again, who wanted to add a world music dance party element to this track to symbolize their belief that everyone is welcome to the party. The duo added the sounds of hand clap games with a pronoun chant sung by their own children to give the song a spirited, playground feel.

“We loved the writing process for this song, especially because we started incorporating the ukulele into our repertoire during the pandemic, taking lessons via Zoom and getting together to write and create,” says Jennifer Cook.

“There were a few pandemic-related recording challenges,” adds Anne Montone. “Our rough recordings often featured dogs barking and birds chirping! We had to record kids, one by one, while wearing our masks, and leave the room when they took off their masks. Although difficult, it gave the kids a chance to lose some of their shyness when getting on mic because no one was in the room with them.”

Again Again’s debut family album, the Parents’ Choice® Award-winning LISTEN. LOVE. REPEAT., was released in October 2019. Your Voice is Magic will be released in Summer 2022.


Again Again is the creative vision of two musically inclined, lifelong friends, Anne Montone and Jennifer Cook, who have developed a distinctive style of progressive music for all ages and companion content to be experienced again, and again. Anne is a Portland native who resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and mini goldendoodle. Growing up in the great Northwest inspired her sense of adventure, and music has been a part of her family’s life for as long as she can remember. Jennifer has not only used her voice to sing, but also to educate, in addition to portraying fun and interesting characters through voice acting. A bilingual instrumentalist and former teacher, Jennifer honed her talents in Los Angeles, where she currently lives with a family of two-legged, four-legged, and two-finned creatures: her husband, daughter, two dogs and four fish, respectively.

“Pronoun Party” is available at major digital retailers.

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