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Music Thursdays: New From Again Again – “Your Voice Is Magic” – Takes On Challenging Themes For Today’s Kids

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Los Angeles-based musicians Jennifer Cook and Anne Montone are Again Again, an award-winning performing duo that blends their exceptional vocal and songwriting talents to create “songs for our times,” which celebrate the extraordinary opportunities of growing up right now. Again Again’s second family album, Your Voice Is Magic, will be released on August 26, 2022.

Your Voice Is Magic is a bundle of loving messages about self-care, respect, and identity, in genres ranging from folk and pop to world dance music, with themes that directly relate to today’s childhood experience, including adoption, pronoun identity, girl empowerment, peaceful protest, fear of missing out, being the boss of your own body, anti-bullying, and more.

There is no way that children can escape the ubiquitous presence of the media with its graphic depiction of events and conflicts that are challenging to process, even for adults. Again Again created Your Voice Is Magic to give children, and those who love them, a healthy place from which to launch thoughts and conversations about what is seen and heard.

While writing and recording Your Voice Is Magic, Jen and Anne were inspired by Nigerian musician William Onyeabor, Laurel Canyon folk, ‘80s rock, George Harrison, Beck, Luscious Jackson, Portugal. The Man, and Heart, and more.

Album highlights include the super-snappy anthem, “Signs Up High,” a positive protest song that reminds kids of a fundamental feature of democracy: “We march for what we believe. Stand tall, ‘cause all our voices matter.”  Triggered by kids’ curiosity about personal pronouns, Again Again wrote “Pronoun Party” to help explain gender identity in a welcoming way while promoting a gender-equal and neutral society. The result is a highly entertaining song of joyful support, allyship, and inclusion.

“FOMO” is delivered in a mysterious, spooky style reminiscent of the famed ‘50s up-tempo tango, “Hernando’s Hideaway.” The tune’s urgent staccato rhythms give way to a soaring message: “It’s okay to miss out sometimes.” This extraordinary track, with its intriguing combination of exuberance and thoughtfulness, is also tremendous fun.

The ‘80s pop-inspired “Better Way to Play” is a striking piece of songwriting for children because it doesn’t soft-pedal the pain caused by juvenile conflict, yet it projects an aura of love, caring, a search for understanding, and forgiveness. In the indie rock-styled “Girls Included,” Anne and Jen fire off rocket-fast lyrics with amazing clarity before the number’s central statement opens wide, creating soaring melodic phrases that capture the primary message of the song: “Powerful girl, you might even rule the world … get ready to fly.”



Again Again is the creative vision of two musically inclined, lifelong friends. As a kids-at-heart pair of singer-songwriters, musicians, and parents, Anne Montone and Jennifer Cook, have developed a distinctive style of progressive music for all ages to be experienced again, and again.

Anne Montone is a native of Portland, Oregon who now resides in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and mini goldendoodle. Growing up in the great Northwest inspired her sense of adventure, and music has been a part of her family’s life for as long as she can remember. When not making music, Anne is a partnership development director for a global concierge company, curating experiences for a wide range of clients. Anne loves to travel and be in nature whenever possible.

Jennifer Cook has not only used her voice to sing, but also to educate and to portray fun and interesting characters through voice acting. Because her mom hails from Cali, Colombia, Jennifer grew up speaking both Spanish and English. She taught school for ten years, specializing in working with students on the autism spectrum. Jennifer honed her performing talents in Los Angeles, where she is now a professional voice over artist and lead singer in the band UNA.  She lives in LA with her family of two-legged, four-legged, and two-finned creatures: her husband, daughter, two dogs, and four fish.

Your Voice is Magic will be available at major digital retailers.

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