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Questions That Will Remain Unanswered After Game Of Thrones Finale

Author: Mario Petkvoski

One of the biggest TV shows, Game of Thrones said goodbye to its fans with the last episode of the series. This year was the last Season 8 of the show which started in 2011. Most of the characters grew up on the show and made a career out of it. Others didn’t have the chance to enjoy the show a bit more just because their character faith ended too quickly.

The uniqueness of the story and the high-end video effects defined the success of Game of Thrones. Throughout the years they had a budget on average of 10 million per episode which is unbelievable, when you consider that there are just 73 episodes overall. Since the final episode of the last season was released, people had mixed reactions. Some of the fans liked it, and some of the fans were disappointed by how it ended.

However, since there will not be any other episodes of the show, the fans were confused as the show left some unanswered questions about its plot.


1: Who was the voice Varys heard in the flames?

The Master of Whispers had a few scenes throughout the series when he spoke to the fire and a strange voice from the fire spoke back. Offering him advice as he was told to do as the fire says by Melisandre. However, the question of which voice was that remained unanswered. Was it R’hllor the Lord of Light? Or all of that was in his head?

2. Can Bran see the future?

As Bran became the three-eyed raven, we know that he has the power to see the past. However, on many occasions on the show, he seems like he can even predict the future. Bran told Jon Snow that he was exactly where he was supposed to be and it all happened for a reason. He even knew that the Night King will try to go after him and suggested to use him as bait. Bran seems like always have a plan for any future activities as it will show the moment when he arrives at King’s Landing in the last episode.

3. If Jon is a Targaryen, why does he burn?

Season 8 brings some unexpected events as Jon found out that he has Targaryen roots. As the Mother of Dragons Daenerys proved that Targaryen’s cannot be hurt by fire. However, back in season 1, Jon’s flesh burned as he grabbed the burning-hot lantern to kill a wight walker. Suspicious.

4. What was the purpose of Cersei’s pregnancy?

Was that all part of her plan or was she really pregnant? Fans even wonder why she wasn’t showing any signs of pregnancy since she announced. Maybe this was a strategic move to pull her brother Jaime closer to her as he tried to disobey her couple of times. It seems like they have been setting up a much bigger turn of events but later it was scrapped. We will never know.

5. Why was the Night King killed so easy to kill compared to The Mountain?

The Night King’s character (Vladimir Furdik) was built throughout many episodes and it seemed like he was one of the scariest creatures in the Game of Thrones, bringing darkness everywhere he goes. Yet, he was killed so easily from Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) by using a simple trick and stabbing him with a knife.

Fans didn’t like that as they spend so much time in the development of the Night King and he was defeated so easily. On the other hand, The Mountain was basically like a terminator fighting with his brother The Hound. In the fight scene, it seemed like he was immortal.

6. Where did Drogon go?

After the last chain of events that occur in the Game of Thrones finale, the one and only dragon left in an unknown direction. It seems like no one can find Drogon, as Bran steps into action claiming that he can find him. Did he go somewhere where are more magical creatures? We will never know.

7. Why the Night’s Watch still exists?

After defeating the lands from the army of the dead and partnering with the wildlings, it seems like there is no threat left to defend the lands from. Bran told Jon Snow to go to the Night’s Watch, and as we mentioned before with its powers predicting the future, he might have some important assignment there as he is seen alongside with the wildlings.

8. Where are the giant ice spiders?

Many times on the show we were teased about giant ice spiders. The battle with the white walkers at Winterfell did not reveal any ice spiders to us. Maybe they were just a myth that the people believed in.

The more you dig deeper into the plot of Game of Thrones, the more unanswered questions you have. After all, we saw incredible twists in the show that no one expected, and maybe the director wanted to leave those things for people’s imagination. Game of Thrones had an impact on many people and turned out to be the show that people will talk about for years.

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