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How To Better Your Life While In Lockdown

Practically most of the population is suffering under cabin fever or similar effects to it, thanks to being suddenly thrust in lockdown and quarantine conditions without being prepared for what such a […]

15 Days Left Until Christmas 2012

15 Days Left Until Christmas At the North Pole: Yuck!  Don’t you hate those days when the weather is bad outside and you have to stay indoors.  The elves at the North […]

Pet Deer’s Trek Back Home

Update:  The deer has a new home at Gulf Shores Zoo.  A happy ending to this story! http://www2.wkrg.com/news/2012/jun/05/bambi-gets-new-home-zoo-ar-3921963/ When I saw this story from the Facebook page of WKRG-TV in Mobile it […]

Waterfall in Collinsville Alabama

For more photos visit the official photo blog; Traffic Light Pixels. http://trafficlightpixels.tumblr.com/ Recently I went to a little known waterfall that is only accessible by a dirt road.  You can see the waterfall while going up Sand […]

More Pictures With Georgina

Well I visited my mom’s house over the weekend.  And of course Georgina the dog came right up to want some love.  I had to love the dog for over two hours. […]

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