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Trainscapes: Japanese “Sunglasses Buddha” Train Crossing Story

Welcome to the Trainscapes segment!  Each week here on Geek Alabama, Trainscapes will feature train content including videos of trains and behind the scenes action of trains and locomotives.  Some people have an interest in seeing trains, and we here at Geek Alabama aim to please the train lovers!

When a train crossing meets an 18 meter tall Buddha statue 150 meters away, the scene comes together to make a very unique image. From the right angle, the horizontal red signals line up to make a pair of goggles or sunglasses for the Colossal Buddha of Hotei in Konan city near Nagoya along the Meitetsu Inuyama Line.

Only In Japan visited the spot for a day and spoke with Dr David Maeda, the owner of the Daibutsu about its construction, its importance to the area and the challenges he faces with owning such a massive statue today.

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