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5 Unique Gifts To Give Your Friend On Their 30th Birthday

Your bestie is turning 30. Huh? How time flies! They were just teenagers the other day and now here they are ushering in their third decade on earth! Wow, what a joyous occasion this is. What are your plans? Will you be throwing the biggest birthday party ever? Perhaps he/she just wants a quiet night with the family. No matter how the celebrations will be, you need to get the perfect gift for him or her. You need to pick a gift that will make them feel loved and appreciated. At the same time, you will want to deviate from the usual and cliché gifts. Here are five wonderful ideas.

Fancy Kitchenware

They may not yet be aware of it but the thirties are for self-care. They will find themselves in the house more and eating at home most of the time. The 30th birthday gift is a perfect way to start stocking up on great kitchenware. He or she is your friend and you know what they like. If they are into vintage, grab classy golden or silver cutlery. If they are classy, a set of fancy wine glasses will do the trick. For those who love cooking, beautiful cooking pots will be highly appreciated.

Do not be scared of thinking beyond the essentials if kitchenware is what you decide to get for your friend. Think of the small luxuries they love. Some examples are a pizza oven and sushi rolling mat for pizza and sushi enthusiasts respectively. Furniture pieces like a table fitted with a fridge are also great gift ideas.


An Unforgettable Getaway

What is the one destination your friend always wanted to travel to but was unable to do so? Plan to take them there so they can relax and have a great time before officially settling into adulthood. While vacations can be costly, planning helps and so does taking advantage of available deals. If you cannot afford an exotic trip, think of a place that means a lot to them. If you have been friends for a long time, you can take them back to a place you visited before. The aim is to rekindle the memories and have him or her relax.

Think of the activities that make your friend happy. If it is wine tasting, find a good distillery nearby and take the trip. If it is hiking, plan the ultimate hiking experience. Ladies will love spa and beauty treatments so these are great options as well.


Relaxing HHC

The legalization of the sale of products containing up to 0.3% Delta 9 THC levels in the US means that people can now purchase hemp products for both medicinal and recreational uses. Why not get your friend some and help them experience the relaxing effects of these products. One great choice is HHC products. These are products that contain hydrogenated THC which is extracted from the hemp plant. HHC has been shown to effectively alleviate inflammation and pain. It also causes a ‘high’ feeling which is relaxing.

HHC can be taken in various formulations including gummies, injections, and pens. What suits your friend? Get them that.


Motivational Books

Romantic novels may have been fun to read in your teenage years but surely your friend appreciates more productive reading now. Gift them with books that help them become better people. They may be on any topic you know they will enjoy reading. From marriage advice to religious books to money matters, there are many subjects to choose from.

After getting the book, inscribe it with a personalized note to make it a personalized gift. Your friend will appreciate the thoughtfulness and care.


Customized Water Bottle

Is your friend taking the 8 glasses of water they need per day? You need to remind them and the easiest way to do this is to get them a water bottle. They can carry this with them wherever they go and refill it as needed.

The best part about giving water bottle gifts is that they are customizable. You can write any message you want on the bottle. Opt for a cordial and simple message or phrase. Your friend will remember you whenever they raise a bottle and take a sip.



The unique gift ideas above will help you buy the perfect gift for your bestie. Remember, the best gifts are given with a warm heart and a smiling face. Gifting is one of the surest signs of love. It shows that you are willing to sacrifice your time and money to make others happy.

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