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7 Types Of Collecting Hobbies You Should Try

If you’ve been thinking about taking on a new hobby, you may want to consider collecting. Hobbies can boost your mental health by making your brain more active and reducing mental conditions like anxiety and depression. Collecting items with a similar theme can also prompt you to learn more about the history behind these items which can increase your appreciation for the valuable things in your collection. Now that most of us are spending more time at home these days, a new hobby can make your days a little more interesting while providing a calming activity that you can engage in with family and friends, in-person or virtually.

Here are seven common collecting hobbies you can try.


Have you ever thought about collecting pins? You’ll find it very interesting. Custom pins can help you record many memorable experiences that you can look back on with great satisfaction. For example, if you love going to Disney, you can customize pins for different Disney characters. You can also create a pin to remember when you attend an event.

You can store them in a display case or transparent storage container according to the theme. It’s a good idea to fix them to any wall in your home or proudly display them on your desk.


Precious and rare stones and gems are beautiful to look at and some have alleged healing properties. You can learn about the various stones that are available in your region, as well as stones that are specific to certain parts of the world. For instance, rose quartz stones are meant to cultivate love, so you may want to feature these stones in your home or keep them to remind you of a loved one. Moonstones are said to represent clarity, so you can keep these stones visible when you need to concentrate on an important task. Finding a beautiful case to display the stones in your stones will make your collection even more impressive, and you can even use some of your stone pieces to create unique pieces of jewelry for yourself or your friends.



If you’ve seen vintage furniture covered with stickers, this may inspire you to start a sticker collection of your own. Once you find stickers that represent a certain historical event or movie from decades past, you can create your own custom sticker sheets and keep them in a scrapbook. Your stickers can display a theme, such as stickers that feature a popular movie or cartoon character, and add to your stickers over the years. As you look through your sticker collection, you’ll be reminded of life events that will make your collection extra special. Many people also enjoy collecting stickers to display on their laptops or laptop cases, to show off their individual expressions.

The great thing about stickers is that they are not also different in design but material. You can find a variety of stickers from die-cut, clear, reflective, kiss cut, holographic, and more. You could also collect bumper stickers, and if you are not comfortable putting them on your car you can easily turn them into a magnet that can easily be removed from your bumper or look great on your fridge.



Stamp collections have been around for years, and the older your stamps, the more valuable your collection will be. You can add stamps from various parts of the country or international stamps to show the places you’ve traveled. Stamps that feature celebrities or historical figures are also especially fascinating and will make your stamp collection a great conversation starter. After a few decades, your stamp collection can serve as memorabilia, for important events that happened. You could even collect historical stamps like those from the 1800s which are worth an incredible amount of money.


Sports Cards

If you’re a sports fan, you can start a sports card collection as an ode to your favorite players. You can find cards from the most popular athletes from your sport of choice, as well as cards that showcase a momentous event in sports history. It’s also a good idea to collect cards from little-known athletes who completed important milestones in sports history to make your card collection more interesting.

If you do your research and know the right cards to buy you could have a valuable collection in the future. In 2021, after a Florida neurologist passed away, the family auctioned off his baseball collection selling it for $20 million dollars. That’s an impressive collection!



Books from your favorite authors can easily serve as functional collector’s items. This is especially true if you have books from authors who have won awards for their work. You may also want to include vintage magazines in your collection, particularly magazines that feature rare cover photos of celebrities at the start of their careers. Collecting signed copies from famous authors can be incredibly valuable someday, especially if it is a first edition copy.

Another popular choice is collecting comic books or mangas. Some editions have more value than others, especially if they are properly preserved. Look for first edition copies or autographed copies in great condition.


Vintage Toys

If you’re a toy enthusiast, a collection of vintage toys could be a great conversation starter if you’re looking to meet people who select similar items. You can choose toys from the decade you were born or from your favorite historic era. Your collector’s items could serve as decorations for a part of your home, or you can keep them in storage until you’re ready to sell some of the items as they become more valuable.



People have been collecting coins for centuries as a way to document their travels. Whenever you go somewhere new, try to keep some of the coin currency from the country so you can research the history of the region’s money. You can write a short description under each coin to help you retain your knowledge.

Not only is this a fun hobby to document your travels, but it can have tremendous value later on. Investing in gold and silver coins is not only a hobby but a legitimate investment option. Rare limited edition coins and those that were not minted properly can have great value.



These are just a few of the collecting hobbies you can take on to learn more about the world around you. These collecting ventures can also teach you about the rich history attached to sports, traveling, and cultural events. The more you expand your mind through hobbies, the more you’ll want to keep collecting and connecting with others who share similar interests.

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