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10 Creative Wardrobe Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

Who says a wardrobe is just a boring part of your home where you store your clothes?

You’ve surely thought about transforming your old wardrobe space and giving it a makeover. Well, it’s high time you made that transformation happen.

Getting a new wardrobe doesn’t mean you have to build an entire closet from scratch. Sometimes, a simple reorganization of your clothes will do the trick. Nevertheless, here you’ll find ten creative solutions to bring more decor into your wardrobe space and make it more interesting.



If you’re looking for an antique or classic look, replace your regular cupboards with rustic armoires. But, if you want more contemporary wardrobe ideas that’ll complement a more modern interior, think about replacing the doors.

It’s convenient if you have a wall-to-wall wardrobe that doesn’t have any open shelving. That way, you can simply change the wardrobe doors and get a completely different look. Try doors of different shapes, patterns, colors, and sizes to find the best fit for your interior.


Materials play a significant role in the perception of space, so you can use them to transform your wardrobe.

For example, wooden materials are ideal for bringing some warmth and coziness into your wardrobe area. On the other hand, glass and mirror materials will add a cool touch and make your closet space appear bigger. Finally, high-gloss finishes will elevate the appearance of your wardrobe and bring a luxurious touch to it.



Even though the doorknobs are overlooked by many, they’re a quintessential example of how a small change can affect the entire space. Because they’re as important as the doors, doorknobs can make or break the final look. Therefore, choose your doorknobs carefully.

Thanks to the wide variety of doorknobs we have today, you can find the ideal doorknob design that’ll perfectly blend with the bedroom theme. Find unique door knobs to add exciting shapes or a pop of color into your plain closet space.



The organization of your wardrobe space is most likely the crucial part of every transformation, especially if you’re working with open shelving.

Organize your clothes, accessories, and shoes neatly. Use color, season, or clothing type as your foundation and choose what seems to be the most functional option for you. Finally, don’t forget to iron your clothing and fold the items nicely.

Tricky corners

Sloping ceilings, alcoves, and other one-of-a-kind corners can represent a true challenge for maximizing your space. Luckily, now you can use this space too, with custom-made wardrobe units.

Awkward angles don’t have to be your enemy anymore. Instead, use this part of your wardrobe space to highlight its peculiarity. Not only will you get more storage space, but the irregular shape of your wardrobe will immediately add to the unique design of your dressing area.


Secret space

We all have those wardrobe items we need to keep but can’t find a space for. Whether those are small items you don’t know where to keep safe, infrequently used items, valuables, or fragile perfume bottles you must store out of your children’s reach – secret wardrobe space is the ideal solution.

Think about adding a small but functional secret unit on the side of your wardrobe. You can also add a mirror on the inside, making for a perfect dressing area.



Most people skip on art in the wardrobe space, believing they don’t need it. However, this is precisely why our dressing areas lack character and diversity. Therefore, consider adding some art pieces to transform the bland space and make it more interesting.

Wall art on spare walls, accessories and decor items on empty shelves, or floor sculptures when you don’t have a lot of free space are just a few examples of how you can transform your space with art.


Adjusting your lighting can change the atmosphere of your entire dressing area and thus transform your whole experience. With the help of the correct lighting, you can illuminate specific colors and textures or highlight the key parts of your wardrobe.

So, instead of using a simple ceiling lamp, think about installing a pendant lighting fixture. It’ll add a certain amount of elegance and glamour to your simple dressing area. Furthermore, LED and strip lights are even better solutions to highlight your wardrobe items and help you find what you’re looking for.



If you have limited wardrobe space, you’re probably struggling to fit all your belongings into the unit. Try to find handy solutions which allow you to maximize the space use. For instance, hanging rails and hooks can come in handy for extra storage solutions.

Use these rails and hooks to hang small or big pouches. Then, you can use these to store your accessories which can’t fit anywhere else.



Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things out. Use your creativity to express yourself and find wardrobe solutions that best fit your personality. Whether you’re looking to increase the functionality or appearance of your dressing area, don’t forget to create a space that’s personalized to you!


Final thoughts

By implementing any of these ten creative wardrobe decor ideas, you can either transform your existing closet space or find a new dressing area solution that responds better to your needs. Find out which ideas from the list above work best for you and your space to create the ultimate wardrobe you’ll love using.

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