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Tips On Staying Safe On The Road As A Motorcyclist

Although riding a motorcycle is fuel-efficient, relaxed, and fun, it can be riskier than driving a vehicle. Reports from the Insurance Information Institute estimate that a motorcyclist is more than 30 times more inclined to die from a crash than a motorist. Observation of basic safety practices when riding helps many motorcyclists avoid accidents. Here are tips on staying safe on the road as a motorcyclist.

1. Select the Right Motorcycle

New motorcyclists are recommended to choose a bike that matches their needs and preferences. Finding the right motorcycle can be difficult for many individuals, especially if they do not know what to look for. It is critical to consider the overall power, wet weight, and power-to-weight ratio of the bike before purchasing one. Furthermore, experts recommend investing in a motorcycle within your riding abilities. Motorcycles are different and unique. Thus, motorcyclists should test-drive bikes in controlled environments to gain some familiarity. Such an approach will help the motorcyclist handle turns and the bike’s weight better in real life. In addition, familiarizing with the bike will help the motorcyclist avoid preventable accidents.


2. Gear Up

Motorcyclists need to gear up properly whenever they intend to ride their bikes. T-shirts, sandals, jeans, and shorts are not proper riding attire and offer little to no protection to the motorcyclist. A motorcyclist should adopt the acronym ATGATT that means All The Gear, All The Time. Motorcycle gear includes helmets, ear protection, eye protection, gloves, jackets, boots, and pants. Motorcycle gear protects the rider from road crashes, debris, and elements. Proper can include goggles, a leather jacket, and a leather jacket. A helmet will protect you from a brain injury when you fall off your motorcycle while riding. In addition, the helmet should fit you properly and meet the highest safety standards.


3. Check the Motorcycle Before Every Ride

A thorough check-up of the motorcycle before hitting the road is necessary to prevent hazards. A motorcyclist must inspect the tire pressure, lights, mirrors, and brakes. In addition, it would be best to check fluid levels before starting your journey. Ensure that there are no leaks, loose bolts, and any other mechanical hazards before every ride. Regular maintenance and care of a motorcycle ensure that it is in the best condition. Recommended maintenance includes suspension adjustments, oil changes, chain, and tire and brake pad wear.


4. Ride Defensively

One way to stay safe while on a motorcycle is to assume that drivers do not see you. A motorcycle is small and easily slips into blind spots that other road users might overlook. It is recommended that motorcyclists wear reflective or bright gear to capture the attention of drivers. Riding in a defensive manner means that motorcyclists should have plenty of room to change lanes, wear bright clothing, and drive within the speed limit.


5. Adhere to Rules of the Road

As with all road users, motorcyclists should adhere to traffic rules. When observing lane markings, signs, and speed limits, the likelihood of an accident occurring is low. Therefore, you avoid riding recklessly, cutting off others, and riding above the speed limit. In case of a road accident, you should contact a certified New York personal injury attorney for proper representation.


6. Know the Weather Before Every Ride

Abrupt weather changes may be dangerous for a motorcyclist. For instance, slippery roads can lead to fatal accidents when motorcyclists lose control of their bikes. A motorcyclist should therefore keep up with weather forecasts whenever they plan to ride. Such an approach would help a motorcyclist prepare for bad weather and avoid accidents.


7. Do Not Drive Under the Influence

Alcohol is one of the commonly abused drugs that motorcyclists and motorists use. It is known that riding your motorcycle while drunk increases the risk of a collision or an accident. Driving under the influence is illegal and results in drowsiness that can lead to a fatal accident.


8. Watch the Road

Motorcycle riding requires one to pay full attention to the road and avoid distractions. Motorcyclists should take caution when taking sharp corners and remain vigilant of the changing road conditions. Care should be taken when crossing railroads and intersections. It will be best if you remain vigilant of the surroundings while riding and avoid impending dangers. For instance, experienced riders know the importance of keeping their eyes and head on the road.



The best way to stay safe on a motorcycle is by constantly thinking about your safety and how it correlates with other drivers. To be as safe, you should also make sure that you are wearing appropriate gear for your ride and implement the tips mentioned.

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