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Your Preference Ignites Competition

You’re an individual with your own ideas and style. But because of mass productions, there are many daily challenges where you can’t flaunt your individual style but rather lean on your preference. It might not seem like a big deal. You like what you like. But in the corporate world of technology, automobile, food and beverage, fashion, and all the other industries out there, your preference is their barometer in their competition war. 

How Do You Get Influenced

From birth, you are being doctrine into what to like and what not to like. For example, what clothing brand is acceptable (doesn’t matter the budget size), what toy brands or characters you must select, and what food and drink you must drink. Yes, your parents are only guiding your young mind, but those are the foundation being laid out to build the rest of your life preferences. 


Pressure Is Brutal

Later in life, it’s peer pressure that will sway your preference. What is in style, culturally acceptable, and what does the cool crowd do. Let’s be frank. If you don’t follow the crowd, you will be shunned. 


Convincing You Otherwise

Now you’re an adult, but with your foundation and several layers of preference bricks laid, it’s difficult for other brands to shake it up and make you take a chance on them. Difficult, but not impossible. Behold the power of digital marketing! Algorithms and hundreds of stats are collected by cyber analysts. It’s their primary job to know what makes you tick and develop the best strategy to sway your preference in their client’s favor. So, no, you are not entirely a sheep (although you are being led around). It’s science, persuasion, and strategic affiliations at play. Magic show – the cyber version. 


Competing For Your Preference 

Every industry has major players or giants that are in the constant battle for your preference. Winning your preference will increase their sales from you and get future customer leads because you will unconsciously promote their product and brand like Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox. Both are great gaming consoles, brand giants in their industry, but both are constantly trying to outdo the other. Xbox launched their new consul Series x and s in 2020, the same month as Playstation 5 makes its grand entrance. So now it’s in your hands, what’s your preference? 

Head Butting Giants

Mobile has a few giants, but in the end, it’s Android versus iSO. Even toy brands can’t stay out of the fight. Welcome to the ring Mattel and MGA. Some of the oldest brand battles can be traced down to two giants, Microsoft and Apple. Although they dominate the computer industry, they tango with other brands in other sectors like gaming and mobile. They primarily lean on their brand trust and digital marketing team to bring you over to their site and purchase their latest merchandise. Other strategies include enlisting the help of influencers to test and review their products. Then blog and load videos about their take on the product. 

Companies spend thousands to millions in digital marketing and brand building, all in the war to win your preference. But be responsible with your choices. Do your research and make sure that what you decide to buy really does satisfy your needs. Even if it means hopping on a new preference brand. 

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