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Top Reasons Why The Butcher Rocks

There is something that just feels ‘good’ about buying fresh bread from the bakers or high-quality meats from the butcher. These traditional purchase points are in sharp decline. As well as supporting your local stores, you get a customer service that you don’t typically experience in a larger grocery chain.

IMAGE CREDIT: Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash


So why should you ditch the pre-packed slices of meat and head to your local butchers? 


The Source

Your butcher will know where the animal is sourced; in fact, they might even know the animal too. Their sausages will never secretly have other types of meat in it. They put time, care, and effort into producing delicious products. 


Selection and Quality 

They want to offer the best meats that they can find. This means they are likely to charge a little bit more, but the effort that has gone into the pies, baked goods, and the sausage links are unrivaled. And unlike the horror stories you might hear about grocery chains leaving stacks of meat in unethical ways, your butcher is going to take care of that meat and store it in the best way possible. 

Something else that you can rely on is that your butcher will weigh your meat out using highly precise scales and a top of the range digital load cells. What does that mean? You ask for ¼ pound, and you get it – exactly. 

What you get with meat from the butchers is all meat. No preservatives, no extras, and nothing will be plumped up with water. 



Butchers get to know their customers. They know that June from three streets down likes her bacon with a little bit more fat on it. They know that when Robert comes for his whole chickens, he doesn’t need a big one because it’s just him and the dog. There is something about great customer service that cannot be faked or replaced. 

And, butchers just have it. They can give you a conversation, weigh up your choice cuts for the weekend, and from time to time, you might even get a special offer. 



If you are particle to a lamb shank or a particular cut of venison – you’re more likely to be able to order it from your butcher than your local grocery store. Butchers pride themselves on providing the best meat products that you have ever tasted, from ribs to loins and seasonal specials – your butcher is the best. 


Local Dollars

This might be one of the most important points for your local economy. When you give you money to a butcher rather than a grocery store, you know exactly where it is going. When you pay a little bit more for the quality of meat, you won’t mind. And that money goes back into the local community. Most likely local farmers for product and livestock/meat, if they head out for lunch, it is most likely to the local sandwich shop. 

When dollars stay local, they make an impact on everyone. 

Butchers rock; it’s a highly skilled profession, and who doesn’t love top quality and great service. 

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