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Explore 5 Reasons To Buy A New Furnace

If your old furnace is still functional, you may not consider replacing it. If it’s damaged, you will have no option but to replace it, but if it’s working, you will not bother even if it’s old. Purchasing a new furnace is an expensive investment to make as it requires adequate financial planning and preparation. Here are five key reasons why you should buy a new furnace.

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1. Energy Savings

Unlike the old ones, new furnaces are energy-efficient. Some new furnaces have 98% AFUE, which means that a new system burns fuel efficiently. Thus, investing in a new furnace can help you save a considerable amount of cash in energy costs in the long run. Therefore, if you want to control your energy bills without sacrificing comfort, installing a new furnace is the perfect option. According to Climate Works, a company that specializes in new furnace installations in Ottawa, “installation of new furnaces can also help contribute towards planet conservation as they utilize a lesser amount of energy.”


2. Efficient Service

A new furnace will offer exceptional services for your family throughout winter. Although your old furnace seems to function correctly, it doesn’t perform its work efficiently- even heating is not guaranteed when you use an old system. If you still use manual thermostats, consider investing in a programmable one when you upgrade. A new furnace will offer optimal comfort while burning fuel efficiently. As a result, you’ll no longer find your house cold because most programmable systems can connect to a smartphone, which means you can access it anywhere.


3. Lessen Expensive Repairs

If you still use an old furnace, you have probably gotten used to frequent emergency repairs. However, when you invest in a new unit, you will not have unexpected repairs for a while. Modern furnace models have a manufacturer’s recommended maintenance plan, which shows when you should have professional furnace inspections and maintenance. If you stick to the plan, your furnace will remain in the perfect working state for years. In addition, when you invest in a new furnace, you’ll not need to replace some parts frequently. In some cases, when your old furnace needs repair, you may not get the exact part for replacement because the manufacturers stop producing a specific component over time. But when you opt for a new furnace, then getting a new replacement component, when needed, will be easy.


4. Improved Safety

Since an old furnace is inefficient, it leaves some of the fuel unburned. Consequently, incomplete combustion can produce smoke and deadly gases like carbon monoxide. Such substances can build up in your home, which is dangerous to your and your family’s health. When you buy a new furnace, you will rest assured that the new unit will work efficiently and burn the fuel completely, producing carbon monoxide in subdued amounts.


5. Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

If you plan to sell your home, installing a new furnace is essential if the current one is over 10 years old. An energy-efficient unit works as an ideal selling point in the real estate sector, and it can make your home stand out from the rest. One of the major factors prospective buyers consider when searching for a home is the condition of the furnace, how long it will work before they consider replacement, and how much they’ll probably spend when using it-energy costs. If you invest in a new unit, you can outline the numerous benefits the buyer will enjoy, making them realize the value of this investment.


The Bottom Line

Simply put, there are various reasons to buy a new furnace. As a homeowner, it’s crucial you look for a trusted company to help you choose the furnace that will meet your heating needs. Working with a skilled and experienced specialist can save you money and headaches for the next several years.

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