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Crowdsourcing Mornings: Mutts The Book

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If you’ve ever loved a bonafide mutt, you know that they’re some of the best, most loyal dogs ever. This book, ‘MUTTS’, is a celebration of mystery mixed breeds. The dogs featured within it are photographed in my portrait studio and live in New Orleans — but they ‘speak’ for mutts all over the world. Each photograph is accompanied by the pooch’s name and best guess of breed mix — as well as one fun/silly/unique trait about them. I want people to feel joy and connection when they look through this book, and for people who haven’t considered a rescue pet before, to see that mutts have just as many unique, lovable, desirable qualities as pedigreed dogs do.

I’ve had mutts my whole life. A border collie mix named Spike that my mom found as a puppy trying to get milk out of a milk carton… a husky mix named Wylie that just wanted to RUN, RUN, RUN and met my school bus every afternoon… the most loyal hound/shepherd mix named Chester who had a bum leg and loved to sun himself in a certain spot in the front yard. All pretty big dogs, and all rescues. So it’s no surprise that as an adult, I now have a 120 pound St. Bernard/retriever/shepherd rescue named Jasper (who is the most patient, protective, devoted dog ever).

Approximately 670,000 dogs are euthanized in US shelters each YEAR (ASPCA). Over half a million dogs (and even more cats, but that’s a different book). That statistic is heart-breaking and chilling. So in addition to hopefully fostering more love for mutts, a portion of the proceeds from this Kickstarter will be donated to organizations who rescue and spay/neuter. Locally that includes Take Paws Rescue, Animal Rescue New Orleans, Zeus’ Place, Greta’s Ark Animal Rescue, Trampled Rose Rescue, and the LASPCA.

Our goal of $35,000 is the bare minimum we need to get a small print run of this book into people’s hands, but we’ve set a stretch goal of $75,000 so that we can print up to 5500 books in our first print run.  If we get to $100,000, we’ll be able to take on a publicist, who will help us get our message across the country not only through more books, but through interviews and media presence; and the more books we get out there, the more people will realize and understand how much soul, and heart, that mutts have. I hope these images will convince people looking to buy a dog that it’s worth at least walking through their local shelter to see if they get that instant, karmic connection with a dog who needs a home and is in danger of being euthanized.

As of August 26th, this project has raised $26,000 of their $35,000 goal. This project has 5 days left to raise the $35,000 or it will not be funded. For a pledge of $40, you will get one postcard pack.  For a pledge of $48, you will get one book.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

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