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Product Review: DLab Monitor – The Best Portable Monitor In 2021?

Thanks to modern-day technological innovations, everyday devices have become much easier to use. Fifty years ago, it took a whole set of tools to make a simple phone call. Today, we can share and stream content instantaneously without thinking twice.

One of the many devices made to facilitate our daily work and entertainment sessions are portable monitors. One brand, in particular, delivers fantastic results – the DLab Monitor. Read on to learn what DLab Monitor can do and how it changes the lives of many remote workers, designers, and gamers.

What Makes DLab Monitor Special?

If we compare a modern portable monitor to monitors from the 80s, many people would argue they share very little in common. Although they both serve the same purpose, the way they operate is completely different.

As one of the top portable monitor solutions out there, DLab is packed with innovative features. It comes in a pocket-friendly size (0.23-inch in width, 15.6-inch display, and just over a pound in weight) and a 4K Ultra-HD display with LED backlighting. It’s two times brighter than most other monitors and comes with a super-responsive touchscreen.

It’s arguably the best portable monitor for designers, thanks to its enhanced PinPoint touchscreen technology. Also, the built-in anti-glare and low blue light options allow for long-hour exposure to the screen without damaging the eyes.

What makes DLab so easy to use is its plethora of ports. Featuring two USB-C, a micro USB, an HDMI, and a 3.5mm jack, there’s no need to worry about connecting the monitor to any of your devices.


What About Gaming?

Gamers will be thrilled to learn this device is perfectly suitable for just about any gaming experience. You can stream a game from your smartphone and enjoy a wider viewing space or use the portable monitor as a laptop replacement for dual-screen setups. Gaming options on a portable monitor are endless and can go as far as your imagination. Whether you want to use the extra screen for game walkthroughs, web browsing, texting, or getting another task done – the choice is all yours.

Plus, due to its console-friendly nature, multiplayer console games in 4K have never been more accessible.

DLab Monitor Highlights

Here’s a brief overview of DLab Monitor features:


  • Ultra HD display with 4K resolution and LED backlighting
  • Ultimate compatibility
  • Plug and Play technology
  • 10ms response rate
  • 15-inch monitor size
  • Super responsive touchscreen
  • Supports all gaming types – phone, PC, laptop, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation
  • Acts as a portable charger
  • Eye-safe with low flicker, anti-glare, and low-blue light technology


  • Monitor stand not included

As you can see, DLab shares the features of advanced laptops but really comes in a laptop accessory package. It makes it really straightforward to simply grab the device and go anywhere. Work, 4K gaming, or movie watching can now be done without the need to carry bulky laptops around.

Considering a Portable Monitor? Try DLab

Thanks to portable monitors, portability and efficiency now go hand in hand. Designers, photographers, and remote workers can enjoy working just as effectively as they would with office-style dual monitor setups. If you need to adapt to a new working environment or are simply looking for a robust portable monitor that doesn’t break the bank, the DLab Monitor might be worth a try.

You can learn more about DLab Monitor by visiting their website

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