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Explore 6 Careers For Anyone Who Loves Being Outside

If you want to find a career that you can really enjoy, you should choose one related to one of your true passions. For many people, their passion is being outdoors and enjoying the fruits of nature. Thankfully, if this is the case for you, there are a wide variety of great careers to choose from. Below are only a few of the exciting jobs you could someday find yourself in.

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If you love the outdoors and science, one excellent choice is to study to become a geographer. Geography is the science of studying the land and its physical makeup. While you could end up teaching the subject of geography, there are many other great applications of the field in regards to both government and the business world. Geographers will often spend time in the field making physical observations, collecting data, taking readings, and collecting samples. Entry into this field requires a bachelor’s degree or higher. According to CNBC, geographers have a median income of $80,300 a year.


ATV Dealer

Others are more interested in the recreational aspect of the outdoors instead of studying it from a purely scientific standpoint. If this is the case for you, becoming an all-terrain vehicle, or ATV, the dealer is an excellent career path. Whether it’s the sale of four-wheelers or other models, this is a booming industry with increasing demand. How to become an ATV dealer depends on your familiarity with ATVs. If you are already an enthusiast, you could choose to work for an existing dealership or begin your own as a startup company. Make sure, of course, to situate your dealership in a prime location near a popular wooded tourist destination where demand for your products is likely to be quite high.



Perhaps the most traditional outdoor career in the history of mankind is that of the farmer. Being a farmer means spending many hours of your day outdoors tending to crops and livestock. It’s a very important career field in that it creates a constant supply of food for the rest of the country. While farming is a traditional family-owned business, it’s not impossible to enter the field as a newcomer and make a sizable income. Still, it will require a lot of manual labor day in and day out. A degree in agriculture or animal husbandry can also help a lot.



Another career that will see you outdoors during the majority of your workday is that of a surveyor. A surveyor is a professional tasked with the job of determining and measuring the contours and shape of the land’s surface. Surveyors are needed for a wide variety of different industries such as construction, map-making, and engineering. One thing a surveyor might do is determine the actual physical boundaries of a piece of real estate for legal purposes.


Park Ranger

If you love being in nature specifically, becoming a park ranger is an excellent choice. This would involve working for the government at the federal, state, or local level and helping to maintain a nature preserve or outdoor recreation area for the benefit of park-goers that want to experience nature. Becoming a park ranger typically requires obtaining a degree in a related scientific field such as forestry, ecology, biology, conservation, or botany. You would work to help preserve the land, plant life, and wildlife in that park. You would also help assist those that wish to enjoy the fruits of nature such as hikers, campers, and tourists. Some park rangers even act as law enforcement in a given park.


Campground or RV Park Owner

If you love the recreational aspect of spending time outdoors, another great career choice is owning and running your own campground or RV park. If you have access to real estate in a good location, you could develop the land into individual camping spots for tent and RV campers to help others enjoy the wholesome fun of camping. Camping is actually growing in popularity. It’s not only a great choice for families with young children. It’s also a popular option for seniors looking to spend their retirement touring the country in an RV. As such, a campground or RV park in a prime location can provide you with year-round revenue.

For many people, their passion is the outdoors. If you need to be outside to be happy, consider the six careers above as well as others that allow you to explore your passion for the Earth and nature. If you love your job, you’re much more certain to live a happy and productive life.

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