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Explore 5 Ways To Boost Your Comp Sci Study Skills

Even though computer science is an elective course in most elementary, high schools, and colleges, more education institutions have started making it compulsory for students to complete an introductory course to graduate. This aligns with the current societal trends, where computer technology drives everything, right from school, work and socializing.

Whether you have enrolled for a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree, you should continually improve your computing knowledge. Unfortunately, learning computer science can be challenging, even for passionate and super tech individuals. That said, consider the following tips to better your computer science study skills.


1: Don’t Expect to Learn Everything in These Courses

Computer science and other IT courses undoubtedly rock. However, they won’t equip you with all the skills that you need while working. For instance, if your preferred section is software development, you should learn several programming languages. However, you should learn beyond programming languages to work comfortably.

That said, you might need to learn a new programming language on your own. Therefore, plan accordingly and schedule for private classes after you are done with your core assignments. Ask around and find out the most sought-after computing skills by tech companies, especially by specific companies that you intend to work for.


2: Sign up for a Bootcamp

Signing for a coding Bootcamp is another straight path if you want to advance your computing skills. Coding bootcamps are generally condensed courses designed to educate attendants on specific subjects. These intense training sessions last for between 12 and 40 weeks, with others taking a few days.

Since bootcamps last for a few days or weeks, they are a good way of learning a skill rapidly. For instance, if you don’t have a programming background, attending an introductory coding Bootcamp is the easiest way to understand the basics of writing a code. However, someone with advanced knowledge also benefits from a tactical Bootcamp that specializes in a specific skill but in detail.

The one main challenge with attending a computing Bootcamp is their expensive nature. Most bootcamps charge between $1300 and $30,000, which is quite high considering the number of days you spend learning. Fortunately, you can apply for several acceptable student aids and scholarships. If you are lucky to be a military member or a veteran, you can apply for GI Bill Benefits.


3: Don’t Be a Loner

Working independently is certainly among the benefits of studying computer science. However, don’t forget that you won’t be alone in the workplace, especially in companies that work as a team. Note that teamwork requires some skills, especially communication and collaboration skills.

Therefore, make an effort to engage, share ideas, and learn from other members of the computer science community as you advance your skills. Establishing a network and creating an environment of computer science professionals with similar interests. If you find it difficult to network with computing professionals physically, you can begin by following those who inspire you in this field through social media and other online communities.

You can join platforms such as Stack Overflow, where members get to ask questions and share computing skills. Similarly, try contributing to open-source computer science projects, ask questions, and stay informed on the latest developments.


4: Practice Regularly

As you grasp the basics of computing, practicing is the best way to improve your skills in a specific area. Putting your knowledge and basic skills to use and challenging yourself enables you to grow substantially, even better than reading books and attending lectures. Simply put, just like coding, if you want to master computing skills, you should spend time computing.

Fortunately, several websites provide exercises to anyone looking to improve their computing skills. Apart from providing exercises, these platforms allow you to connect with like-minded people, whom you can learn a lot from.


5: Learn More than Writing Codes

While coding is the core of computer science, you should learn some tricks of being successful in this field. For instance, as you code, you should include comments that enable others to understand your code. While this may seem simple, even good programmers find it difficult to write clear and consistent comments that complement their properly written codes.

Similarly, if you decide to pursue software engineering, you will be expected to write specifications, requirements, and test plans besides developing actionable codes. As you advance, you will have to write technical reports and research papers. Therefore, to excel in computer science, take time to equip yourself with technical and business writing skills.


Bottom Line

Without a doubt, studying computer science can seem daunting right from the start. However, as you focus on this intricate course, don’t forget to enjoy your life. Go to social places, clubs, travel, and work on other co-curricular activities. Studies are essential, but this doesn’t make them the only focus in your life.

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