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A Look At 7 Zip And Microsoft File Compression

7 Zip is essentially a file archive with a high compression ratio available for Microsoft Windows. The program has received great feedback and is a high-quality archive for a number of reasons.

One of these reasons is that the software supports many formats. These include WIM, BZIP2, ZIP, 7z, XZ, and GZIP. In fact, with regards to the ZIP and GZIP formats, 7 Zip offers a compression ratio that is between two and ten percent. To put this into perspective, the ratio offered is superior to that of those offered by popular programs WinZip and PKZip. Places like APK download make it easy for you to find the best compression app if you need one for your smartphone. 


Most Microsoft Windows computer users seem to often consider WinZip as the only file compression efficacy service in the computing world, so 7 Zip can often be overlooked and disregarded. Not only does the utility provide a better ratio than WinZip does but it can also create TAR and GZ archives – which WinZip cannot. TAR and GZ are formats most regularly used on systems such as Linux and Unix. 

It is also important to note that this file compression utility is entirely free to use and download and no costs will ever need to be incurred, so all the benefits you are gaining from this program over others do not come at any cost to you.

Furthermore, apart from additional formatting archives and better ratios, 7 Zip has even more selling points than its equivalents. The whole point of a file compression facility is of course to shrink files, and 7 Zip reduces files in a size that is up to forty percent smaller than its competitors. Nevertheless, the compression process itself does take a bit longer however this is to be expected when you consider you are gaining a much higher quality compression in the end, and thus is essentially well worth the wait. 

Nonetheless, if you would prefer a quicker compression process then you can alter this and other things via the advanced options available with the program. Through the use of advanced options, you can alter many different things, for example, you can generate solid and self-extracting archives as well as enhance security by the means of a password production feature.

Upon witnessing a file compression utility people often assume they are complicated and difficult to use, and they can often be deterred from downloading such programs. However, 7 Zip is so simple to use and you certainly do not need a wealth of computer knowledge. The interface itself is extremely basic and not at all intimidating. In addition to this, the operation of the file compression facility is trouble-free, straightforward, and pretty much self-explanatory.

All in all 7 Zip is one of the better compression file utilities out there on the market today. It is one hundred percent free and one hundred percent easy to use. It is great for anyone who uses a computer no matter how experienced they are with one, and is especially good for those who use a Linux or Unix operating system as well because it has special archives to accommodate their needs. 

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