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5 Tech Developments You Should Learn About

Technology is improving at a rapid pace, and things are getting much better by the day. A new technology making rounds today might be obsolete in the next few weeks or months. Whether you are a tech enthusiast or an IT expert, it is advisable to keep tabs on the latest development so that you are not left behind.

Here are the latest tech developments that you should consider learning about.

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Artificial Intelligence

Also known as AI, Artificial Intelligence is utilized for equipping various computer systems with the capability of making decisions just like humans. Today, AI is one of the most trending technologies and has changed the way things are done in an array of industries. The deal is that when AI is fed into various systems, they gain the power to make critical decisions.

This technology was created to emulate human intelligence to undertake complex tasks such as speech recognition, pattern recognition, medical diagnosis, and weather forecast. AI is currently utilized in a range of navigation-based applications such as IoT, Siri, Uber, Netflix, etc.

It is reported that by 2030, AI automation shall have created at least 70 million jobs. But it shall have swept off around 23 million jobs.


Data Science

Data science is the next on the list of trending technologies. This technology is designed to help make sense out of data that is rather complicated. The truth is that every day, lots of companies produce huge sums of data. These include sales data, business data, server data, customer profile information, financial figures, etc.

Most of these details come in the form of huge sets of data that are quite unstructured. If humans are to make sense of them without the assistance of data science, the process will take ages. With the help of data science, these data can be analyzed so that a trend is realized.


Internet of Things

The IoT is also known as (Internet of Things) is a network of different devices that are connected. These devices, being connected, can interact and share important data. It possible to have these connected via Wi-Fi, and they will be able to share some data about the environment and how they are being used.

To facilitate this activity, the devices are served with a computer chip. It is believed that by 2025, at least 41 billion devices worldwide will be powered by IoT. Besides facilitating the exchange of data, this technology will enable remote access to all connected computers.



Blockchain can be best described as the technology that powers modern digital currencies. In layman’s language, blockchain is more like an electronic ledger that different users can share. This feature makes it possible to create a record of various transactions that no one can alter. Each of the records created is time-stamped and then linked to the previous one.

This means that each time a transaction is recorded in the blockchain, it is recorded and linked to the previous one and is stored as a block. Blockchain can only be updated following the agreement of each person contributing to the ledger. This system is highly secure, and users don’t have to pay to use it.


Lithium tri-borate (lbo) crystals

Besides RPA, those who are interested in things like optical communication always buy lithium tri-borate (LBO) crystals. These crystals are highly durable and come with a high damage threshold. They can be used in a range of technologies and industries such as military, medical, holography, materials processing, etc.


Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation Technology (RPA) is a technology that makes it easier to automate daily, repetitive tasks. In this case, some types of software are used to automate tasks that are repeated to save money that would be spent on hiring human labor. The tasks include, but are not limited to, processing transactions, replying to emails, and handling a range of business data.


Closing Thoughts

You don’t have to be an IT expert to find these technologies useful. Blockchain, for instance, is an innovation that traders can use to record important records about transactions. Note that this is not a comprehensive list, but the technology trends mentioned provide a good starting point in learning about the latest technologies that you need to be familiar with. Be sure to come back to check the space periodically because we will keep updating it with the latest information.

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