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8 Things To Keep In Your Bag To Help You Stay Fresh

Staying fresh at all times should be a priority, no matter who you are. To accomplish that, you’ll need to ensure that you keep certain items in your bag at all times. The following are eight essential ingredients to keep in your bag to ensure that you can take care of any issues with freshness right away:


Deodorant is one of the top items to keep in your bag if you want to maintain a fresh feeling. You’ll need to have access to a container so that you can sneak away to the bathroom and apply it if your workday gets a little sweaty. It can also do wonders for you at the fitness center. You can find small deodorant bottles at your nearest pharmacy or convenience store.


Body Wipes

Body wipes can help you stay fresh and secure, as well. It would be an excellent idea to purchase a packet of body wipes to keep inside your bag to freshen yourself. You can use the wipes for your face, underarm area, or personal area. They are inexpensive items that can be a lifesaver for you.


Panty Liners

Pantyliners are just about every woman’s necessity. They are crucial for maintaining a fresh feeling in the private area. In addition, they can help absorb sweat and discharge that may come at unexpected times. You can find these items at a dollar store and keep them in your bag for your personal security.


Body Spray

Body spray comes in all sizes and scents. It might be wise to invest in a small bottle that fits neatly into your bag. That way, you can pull it out any time you feel that your body needs a little spritz. You’ll feel more confident about yourself, and you might attract some new people to you, as well.



Freshness isn’t always about your underarms and lower body. You’ll need to have some items in your bag that can keep your breath fresh, as well. For example, a small bottle of an antiseptic mouthwash is an excellent item for keeping your breath minty and clean.


Mints or Gum

Mints and gum can keep your breath fresh in between your mouth cleanings. They’ll ensure that you keep producing saliva so that your mouth will cleanse itself, as well. Keep a pack of gum or mints in your bag and insert one whenever you feel your breath needs a quick refresher.


Face Brightening Lotion

You may also want to invest in a face brightening lotion that will help to rejuvenate and moisten your skin. Search the stores for a lotion that leaves a menthol-ish feeling so that you stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all day long.


Baby Powder

Baby powder is a substance that can work wonders on any part of your body. You can apply some to your neck if your neck gets sweaty from your work efforts. You can use it in your private area to combat sweat down below. Alternatively, you can put a little bit of powder in your shoes to prevent them from getting musty when your feet sit in them all day long. Baby powder is one of the purest and most innocent-smelling items you can buy for yourself. Almost everyone loves the smell of it.


Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer should be on the top of the list at this time. You need it to stay fresh, but you also need it to stay safe. It is crucial to invest some of your money into a small bottle of hand sanitizer for your bag. Keep it on your desk at work and use it anytime you contact items or humans. It will keep you from transmitting germs to yourself or others. The pleasant smell of some brands of hand sanitizer can be an added bonus for you.


Start Keeping Your Fresh Inventory Today

The above-mentioned items will help you keep yourself smelling fresh at all times. Make sure you collect these items and keep them close to you to pull out when you feel not-so-fresh. Everyone around you will appreciate it, and you’ll be glad you put the effort into your hygiene.

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