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Geeky Cleaning Hacks To Save You Time

The average American spends six hours a week cleaning their home. That’s six hours that you could spend playing video games or catching up on the latest box set. The trouble is that the cleaning still needs doing, but fortunately there are plenty of neat hacks that can save you time and help tackle those jobs that you just don’t want to do. There are also lots of ways that you can clean your home without using toxic chemicals that could be harmful to you or your pets. Many of the most eco-friendly ways of cleaning even use ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cupboards.

Cleaning the carpets

The carpets and rugs in your home are breeding grounds for bacteria. Research has found that 40lbs of dust accumulates in the average carpet every year. There are also plenty of other pests you may find, including termites, which are common in Alabama. Vacuuming regularly helps this, but you will still need to get your carpet cleaned regularly. Cleaning homes and offices with eco-friendly products ensures you’re not exposed to any toxins or harmful chemicals. These include carcinogens and teratogens, which can be extremely detrimental to your health. Instead you can use a solution of warm water, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to clean your carpet. If you have any stains, grab the WD40, which is made from the same mineral oil that you find inside lava lamps. Just spray on, leave for five minutes, and then wipe with a clean cloth.


Cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom is definitely an area that needs cleaning regularly. The toilet, in particular, can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Many areas of Alabama, including Madison and Huntsville, also have hard water, which causes limescale in your toilet. All this can be solved with cola, and it’s particularly good for cleaning tough stains. Before you go to bed, pour a liter of cola into your toilet, and leave it for six hours. When you wake up, simply flush the toilet, and it will be sparkling clean. A great hack for cleaning your bathroom taps, which can often be fiddly, is to use toothpaste. Rub it around your taps, leave it for a couple of hours, and then rinse it off with cold water.


Hard to reach places

Have you ever noticed when you’re playing video games how dirty your computer keyboard is? All that grime is easily removed, though… with slime! You can even make your own slime with PVA glue and bicarbonate of soda. To clean the grooves in your kitchen chopping boards, meanwhile, rub the board over with lemon juice and salt, and then rinse off after 15 minutes. If you’ve got bottles or other fiddly-shaped containers that you want to clean, put some rice in them, along with some warm water and a spoonful of your normal detergent. Put the lid on the container, give it a vigorous shake, and then rinse clean afterwards – it’s far easier than trying to fit a scrubbing brush inside.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be an arduous, boring job. With a few simple hacks, you can have a clean home and save time for the things that you love the most.

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