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4 Apps & To Gadgets To Help You Clean Your Home

Cleaning your home isn’t the most fun of tasks, but it is important to keep your home looking and feeling great. When you’ve got lots of chores, and not much time, getting organized can be tough.


Thankfully the world of tech offers many apps and gadgets that can make cleaning a breeze. Whether you need to ditch the clutter, or you’re looking to spend less time cleaning, these tools have all that you need.


1 . House Cleaning List 

The House Cleaning List provides users with a digital space to store house-cleaning checklists. Using this application, it’s super easy to get your house clean and organized. House Cleaning List comes with 150+ cleaning tasks, and you can tweak each list to suit your specific needs. It’s simple to sync your lists to the cloud so that you can share chores between your household. As well as organizing features, you’ll find plenty of cleaning tips to get your place looking fantastic in no time. Whether you’re planning a kitchen renovation or decluttering your home, the House Cleaning app can help you to get organized.


  1. Tody

Tody is a well-known cleaning application, which can help you to get nice and organized. The application doesn’t rely on alarms and deadlines; rather, it helps you to organize your chores to suit you. Tody generates specific cleaning plans per room, based on your needs and priorities. When you have many chores to do, it can be overwhelming, but Tody can help you create the cleaning roadmap you need! Further features include goal setting, chore sharing, and maintenance tips. Whether it’s ordering appliance parts, or deep cleaning the bathroom, Tody can help you to stay on top of your household chores.


  1. Robot Vacuums 

Robot vacuums are vacuums that operate autonomously, there’ll be no more vacuuming your home, simply press the button, and the robot vacuum will do it for you. These machines are usually designed with both spinning brushes and rolling brushes. These brushes work together to move both small and large debris into the machine. The vacuum stores the dirt in a removable compartment. Once the comfortable is full up, the machine will alert you so that you can empty it. Users can program the robot vacuum to clean every room in the house. The sensors map the rooms, detecting potential collisions, and moving in the right direction!


  1. Robot Jet Mop 

With a robot jet mop, you can say goodbye to mopping and hello to clean floors. Simply fill up your tank, press go and let the robot mop get your floors sparkling. Depending on the model, you can control the mop using your smartphone or your voice. Generally speaking, these mops come in two types, hybrid or single purpose. There are many models to choose from, ranging from affordable to expensive. The iRobot Brava Jet M6 is a popular choice, as is the iLife V8.

With these apps and gadgets you’ll save yourself plenty of time and get your house looking amazing!

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