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How To Best Use Call Tracking As A Marketing Tool

Marketing involves presenting the most useful message or information to your existing and potential clients. For it to be effective, you’ve got to ensure that the prospective customers understand the intended message. If you want to curate a marketing device that consumers will understand, it is necessary that you know a thing or two about those consumers’ behavior. Call tracking comes in handy to get this knowledge, and AvidTrak is one of the best in this business.

Dynamic Number Insertion

When using this tool, you assign a special or unique phone number to each of your online sources. These sources will then front one number that prospective callers will use, but you get to know from which source each of the callers got your number.  Using location tracking to know where your potential customer frequents online gives you an opening on where to focus when optimizing your channels to have more conversions.  You get to know if to improve on your website or your social media pages to reach out to more clients.

Get to Collect Valuable Data

When marketing, you need information that will guide you on how to create effective marketing campaigns for various products. With call tracking, you can collect all calls coming through, all hang-ups and even voicemails. You will get call reports that show names of the callers, the locations they called from, their numbers and duration of calls. You can also see in the reports what triggered each of the calls you get. You can use that information to target a specific market that has a higher probability of making purchases from your business.

Record Phone Calls

Recording phone calls is another good strategy of using call tracking as a marketing tool. When you listen to your clients and prospective ones firsthand, you get to understand various things. One, you can tell if your customer service department is doing a good job. You get to identify areas that require improvement and change. Second, the conversations give you insights into the callers that require more attention to improve conversion rates. You can then put more effort into the same in a bid to have them as your loyal customers.

Marketing Efforts and Results

Many businesses fail to consider the inherent costs incurred in marketing campaigns vis-à-vis the rate of return. It is very important that you determine if the cost of advertising and marketing is reflected in the profits you make as a business. It defeats the purpose of marketing if that particular medium does not bring in the needed sales. You have to identify the most effective media and focus your attention as well as funding on those. Call tracking gives a clear picture of the effective strategies through multi channel attribution tracking, keyword tracking, and campaign level tracking. These tools in call tracking assist you to measure the correlation between your results and marketing efforts showing you the most effective. You can then spend more money on those channels to increase conversion rates.

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