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Explore 5 Items Every Tattoo Artist Needs

Are you are a beginner or a skilled tattoo artist? No matter what kind of a tattoo artist you are, you should not be afraid of not getting customers. Anyway, people have always loved tattoos. If you offer good services, customers will always come for your services. You will offer such services if you use the right tattoo equipment. Below are some of the items that you need for your tattoo business.


A Tattoo Machine

You are supposed to create tattoos using a tattoo machine. If you buy a bad tattoo machine, you will produce bad results and vice versa. You can buy a rotary or a coil tattoo machine.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to buy a rotary tattoo machine since it easy to use and can hardly damage a person’s skin. The needles inserted in it move consistently, and it is quiet. When using it, ensure that you work with small needles as you will not achieve a good tattoo shading if you use large needles.

If you want to achieve smooth lines and better tattoo shading, buy a coil tattoo machine. You can easily control and modify this machine to achieve the wanted results.

However, it would be best if you were experienced in tattooing to achieve good results with this machine.



Your clients are likely to spend a lot of time in your tattoo parlor. Therefore, you need to invest in a good chair for them. You can buy an electric chair to regulate its height and footrest position to offer maximum comfortability to the customers. The chair should be oil and water-resistant to avoid having a hard time when cleaning it. Also, ensure that the chair has memory foam and a backrest pillow.

You should also buy a tattoo artist chair to avoid suffering from neck and back pain after serving clients. The height of this chair should be adjustable, and the chair should be able to move. It should also have some padding to offer you maximum comfortability when tattooing.


Tattoo Needles

There are different types of tattoo needles that you should use when tattooing. They include flat shader, curved magnum shader, round liner, double-stack magnum shader, and round shader needles. These needles are supposed to be used for different tattoo styles. For instance, you should use round liner needles for bold and intricate lining, dot, script, and lettering work.

If you want semi-permanent tattoos, use flat shedder needles. They make clear dark lines since they deliver a lot of ink to one’s skin. You can also use them when performing color fills, color realism, and shading.


Disposable Razors

If you are a tattoo artist, you need razors since you will need to shave areas that need to be tattooed before tattooing them. It is advisable to use disposable razors since you cannot use the same razor on two clients.

Ensure that you buy good quality razors as poor quality ones might end up getting damaged before you are done shaving. They are also going to give your clients a better shaver. However, be careful when using them to avoid irritating your client’s skin.


Tattoo Tubes

You need tattoo tubes to protect your hands. Most of them are non-slip and ergonomically designed to give a tattoo artist an easy time. For better results, look for tubes made from durable material.

The kind of tattoo equipment that you buy will determine the kind of results that you will produce. Therefore, it is important to buy the best available tattoo equipment. A tattoo artist who has been in business for a long time can help you choose the best equipment.

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