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5 Ways You Can Improve Your Relationship During Quarantine

The COVID-19 virus has altered everyone’s lives, including couples. The couples who used to meet each other on weekends or evenings now have to see each other the whole day. Even if both the partners are working from home or are unemployed, their relationship can undergo a significant change. Some believe that this can be an excellent opportunity to strengthen their relationship. Others, on the other hand, experience conflicts and disputes that may lead to divorce.

Even in the best circumstances, relationships are challenging to maintain. Your love life may be strained as a result of the lockdown and its pause to all things natural, particularly if you’re living with a partner. We understand that it’s a switch from your daily routine as your spouse is suddenly by your side at all hours of the day. So it’s understandable if you and your spouse are feeling more stressed. However, we have listed some tips and activities you can do with your partner to strengthen the relationship during this quarantine period.

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Define your boundaries and give each other some space

For a couple, lockdown means a lot of face time with your partner. Even the closest of couples struggle with this, and taking walk or going to the supermarket isn’t always enough of a break. However, alone time is beneficial and necessary, so it might be necessary to request it. You should know that everyone needs some space, even your partner. Respect each other’s privacy which is a key to a healthy relationship. In order to give each other additional space, you should discuss boundaries and expectations with your spouse.

Spend time talking about how you’d like to plan your time together instead of getting into disputes.


Do some activities together

Staying inside can be very dull. However, you can keep each other’s spirits high with some exciting and fun activities. Playing these activities would undoubtedly bring you closer to your partner.



With all this free time, you can definitely catch on to all the seasons you wanted to watch with your partner. So enjoy every minute of it!


Play crossword puzzle

Make use of the old newspapers by doing a crossword puzzle together. However, if you have already filled the games section, then you can make your own crossword puzzle. Both you and your partner can make one for each other, and don’t forget to keep it interesting. For this, you can add some personal information and inside jokes. Perhaps you’ll discover something new about each other!


Cook together

Cooking is the best way you can bridge the gaps between you and your partner. Make a list of all the strange things you have in your pantry and come up with a recipe. Lockdown is the best time to show your cooking and baking skills, and what better than having your partner by your side. Work together as a unit to prepare a meal. You can also teach one and other and demonstrate to the other how to prepare a family recipe or favorite meal.


Be intimate

Lockdown is the perfect opportunity to get physical with your partner as much you want because the moment you get busy, the time and desire to be intimate will become more difficult. However, physical intimacy is a critical way to preserve romance and a solid emotional bond with your partner. And it doesn’t have to be about sex all of the time. Other forms of physical intimacy include kissing, holding hands, or even snuggling on the sofa.

Simply talking about physical intimacy will help to arouse desire and attachment. Lockdown may be an excellent time to discuss each other’s fantasies or stuff you’ve been wondering about. Although some couples might feel that there are some problems in their sex life, to overcome those barriers, you can talk to a counselor. Consider searching in your area for a sex therapist in Los Angeles or your current location. They can help individuals and couples to live a more fulfilled life.


Discover each other’s interests

Couples have some exciting opportunities to connect when they are forced to shelter in place. Find out new things you can do together to foster a stronger connection. For example, try picking up a new board game or organizing an online game night with friends.



In a time like this, get close to your partner and make some incredible memories that you should cherish forever.

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