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What You Should Know Before Becoming A Tattoo Artist

All you need to be a great tattoo artist is a needle, ink, and some gumption—right? While all these things can take you a long way, there are a few other components to becoming a tattoo artist. Read on to learn what you should know before becoming a tattoo artist—this may help you decide if this is the career path for you!

What You Should Know Before Becoming a Tattoo Artist


How To Improve

Artistic skills are an asset to any tattoo artist, so it’s never a bad idea to take an art class or two to hone your craft. However, even someone who is a natural at drawing or painting may have trouble when they get a needle in their hands. While the human body is a canvas, it’s one with many more curves and angles than a piece of paper.

Your best bet to get better as a tattoo artist, especially early on, is to practice on (willing) people! You probably won’t be able to charge for your services in the first several months of your journey, but that’s OK. Experience is your best friend!


Breaking Into the Industry

The tattooing industry is highly saturated. While it may be difficult to find an established artist that doesn’t already have a protégé, that should be your top priority. Find someone who can take you through the ins and outs of the business.


What Your Setup Needs

There are a few things every professional tattoo setup must have, but one of the most critical pieces is a comfortable chair. When you have a job that requires customers to sit still for hours, you’d better provide them with a seat that won’t make them squirm. Even the best tattoo artist in the world won’t get great reviews if their customers are uncomfortable while receiving their ink.

Great tattoo chairs are as versatile as they are comfortable. You never know when a customer will want a tattoo on their arm, back, leg, or behind—the best chairs can accommodate anything you throw at them.

Now that you understand what you should know before becoming a tattoo artist, decide for yourself whether you want to put in the hours and capital required to become one of the greats.

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