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5 Mobile Apps For Easy And Convenient Investing

Investment apps enable both experienced and new investors to control their investments in financial markets and the stock exchange market. You find several convenient services at small fees offered by these apps, which are beneficial to investors as they help them advance their portfolio and save money.

Earlier, you had to use your phone to get in touch with a stockbroker for trading purposes, then later pay a commission. Nowadays, you can use your smartphone to trade straightaway at a low cost or for free. Here are five incredible apps that you can use for easy and convenient investing:

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TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is one of the top overall investment apps. The latter is because it provides a wide range of investment options for different investors and has exceptional pricing. Additionally, beginners can comfortably use this app as it is easy to work.

Similarly, advanced traders are also accommodated by the think-or-swim app due to its professional-design experience. Nonetheless, the prospective app operators can access the two apps by using a brokerage funds account. Such individuals can benefit from this as there are no fees or any balance requirements for trades.

Additionally, individuals who use the think-or-swim application have the chance to enjoy watching a live-stream CNBC feed in the app. For instance, you can maintain and organize your entire private investments using a glass-board if you are an investor.

You will have the opportunity to educate and train yourself on administration and structuring. Alternatively, you can learn how to run, syndicate, and create your deals or contracts with Assure SPVs or partner to invest with Assure Syndicates.



Fidelity is generally a standard brokerage that has a wide range of resources for different kinds of investors. You find that the firm is renowned for focusing on retirement calculators, tools, and retirement education.

With Fidelity, you can do whatever you want in your prospective investment account. Also, the Fidelity app incorporates both google assistant and apple watch for various features. You can link your investment account and records to fidelity spire as it will help you fix and track saving and all your investment goals.

Additionally, the brokerage provides a number of its mutual funds without any recurring fees or transaction fees, and also it offers fractional stake investments.



Acorns is a banking app and mobile-first brokerage which provides creative funding choices such as round-ups. Round-ups are designed for acquisitions obtained with well-connected cards and recurring transfers. Based on the survey that you fill as you sign up for an account, the Acorns app will offer ETFs and makes propositions for you.

One of the setbacks of the Acorns app is its fee structure. In most cases, you find that you have to pay one dollar every month to get an efficient investment account. However, you will have to pay three dollars each month for checking, retirement, and investing for the Acorns app. Another five dollars monthly is required for features that include private investment and investment accounts for children.



Webull is commonly known for its impressive efficacy in trading for expert and active traders. Webull is skilled in monitoring cryptocurrency, ETFs, and trading stocks. Also, it caters to IRAs. However, they do not include any mutual funds or bonds.

You need to know that Webull focuses on trading and free investing; thus, it is suitable for experienced investors. The latter is because the app handles professional traders and active stock. Beginners may find it overwhelming. However, if you are willing and ready to spare some time and learn, the app is an excellent choice due to its minimum cost feature.



The majority of investors prefer handing their money to somebody else who will pick funds, bonds, and stock in their place. Before, you had to get a financial advisor who would advise you, and this was expensive. Nowadays, all you need is the betterment app.

The betterment app will give you an affordable professionally-styled portfolio concerning your investment aims and goals. Thus, you can select between a socially accountable portfolio and a personalized one when investing with betterment.

In conclusion, using the apps listed above will make your investing options worthwhile because they are easy, convenient, and cost-effective. Therefore, ensure you learn more about these apps to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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