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So Alabama Has Gotten Stupider And Will Soon End The Mask Mandate, My Thoughts About It

Well I knew this was going to come.   Governor Kay Ivey decided that masks are too stupid for people so she decided to revoke the mask mandate and end it after April 6th.  Given what happened in Texas, which by the way Texas has some the worst leadership in state history regarding the power and water outages.  And what happened in Mississippi, I guess this entire southern USA is full of too dumb stupid people.

Guess what stupid Republicans, masks work.  And no, mask doesn’t harm your breathing and doesn’t impact your immune system.  Masks work, let me repeat that, masks work.  Masks protect you and the people around you from catching Covid.  And when these new variants of the COVID virus floating around, its still very important to wear a mask while around other people until everyone in this country has been vaccinated against Covid.

As we learned during the whole Covid pandemic, Republicans simply just don’t give a crap about this pandemic whatsoever.  They don’t care about the science, instead they believe in a higher power that is simply make-believe.  Instead of listening to leaders who say all true facts, they instead go on to social media to see what Q-Anon says.  And we know that the crap on social media is mostly false.  But who cares because that stupid uncle and aunt on social media is more believable then scientist and health leaders.

And instead of protecting people and making sure everybody is healthy around them, Republican idiots won’t wear a mask, and will get into temper tantrums because they were told to wear a mask and they don’t like it, and when someone gets sick and severely ill or dies because they got Covid, Republicans will say thoughts and prayers and say screw you because it’s all about me, me, me.  And don’t get me started about this personal responsibility thing.  Because unless Republicans are told to do something they won’t do it.  Republicans just don’t give a crap and they just never will.

I grow tired of Republicans because they just don’t give a crap about the general well-being of all Americans.  And here in Alabama Republicans are damned to even lift a finger to try this help stop the Covid pandemic.  Alabama has been dead last in the amount of vaccines administered.  And Alabama per capita has one of the highest Covid death rates in the country with over 10,000 deaths.  Republicans never care about Covid and people dying from it.  It’s more important to go inside a restaurant to eat inside because Republicans are too selfish, arrogant, and just plain too stupid to care about the well-being of all Americans.

So because fried chicken Ivey decided that Alabama doesn’t care about Covid anymore.  I am going to talk about the new rules that I will follow until all Americans are vaccinated against Covid.

  1. Because the majority of people in Alabama are too stupid to care about the health and well-being of other Alabamians, I will continue to avoid eating inside any restaurant. It will be take out or drive-through only.  And if the restaurant does not offer curbside and I have to go inside to pick up my order I will not visit that restaurant.  Because if a restaurant still doesn’t care about their customers / employees and their health why should I bother visiting them?
  2. I will only visit businesses that requires its employees and customers to wear a mask inside. If a business has a sign on the front door saying no masks required I will not go inside.  Because if a business doesn’t care about the health of their customers and employees they don’t deserve to stay in business.
  3. I will continue to stay away from large crowds of people until all Americans are vaccinated. That means I will not cover any events because events usually involve a large number of people.  Sorry folks my health is more important than taking photos and videos of an event.
  4. I will continue to ban and block people on social media that continues to lie and be idiots during this pandemic. Since the beginning of the pandemic I have had to block numerous people on social media because of Covid nonsense.  Guess what Covid is real, its not a plandemic, its not a scamdemic, and people are being harmed from this.  Over half a million Americans have died.  And millions more Americans are suffering long-term health effects from Covid.  This is a real disease and not something that’s make-believe so just shut up.
  5. If you are a person that needs any elective procedures I would get that done as soon as possible. Because with Republicans being stupid idiots, and with the covid variants becoming widespread.  We will likely see another major wave that will harm hospitals and cause grief, harm, and elective procedures being suspended again because a hospital has no room.
  6. If I walk into a business and I see a TV on with Fox News, or trump and Republican propaganda I will turn around and walk out. Because let’s face it, if your TV has Fox News on you don’t care about the general well-being of Americans.  All you care about is being lied to 24/7.  And if you have trump propaganda, you don’t care about America, all you care about is your fragile ego.

I wish Republican supporters would actually start caring about the general well-being and health of all Americans other than themselves.  And oh my God, that means universal healthcare, a fair living wage for every American, and fair elections.  But Republicans don’t care about any of that, they would rather see Americans go bankrupt because of high medical bills, they would rather see Americans work for starvation wages.  And they were rather see minority Americans not being allowed to vote.  Republicans only care about their rich asses, and it’s a shame that America has come down to that.

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