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I Love You, I Know: Geeky Date Ideas For You And Your SO

They’re the Leia to your Hans Solo, the Gambit to your Rogue, the Rose to your Doctor (you know, without the bit where you’re tragically separated into parallel universes). However you describe your relationship, it is one ship that’s worth celebrating. And if you’re going to celebrate the player two to your player one, we have the perfect geeky date ideas for you and your SO.

I Love You, I Know: Geeky Date Ideas for You and Your SO

Marathon Your Favorite Series

This is probably your go-to date already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it fresh. Try these marathon ideas on your next date night:

  • Play a round of your favorite game. The winner picks the series.
  • Binge a series you watched as a kid.
  • Pick a few series you have meant to watch and watch the first episode of each one.
  • Binge an actor instead of a series. For example, instead of binging all the Captain America movies, marathon Captain America, Fantastic Four, and Knives Out.
  • Binge a few adaptations of the same story. For example, the Basil Rathbone, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Robert Downey Jr. versions of Sherlock Holmes.

Gaming Session IRL

Sitting down for some quality time at the console or PC is also a no-brainer when it comes to geeky date ideas for you and your SO. To mix it up, try pairing a gaming session with a matching activity. For example:

  • Play a few rounds of your favorite first-person shooter, then do a round of laser tag.
  • Take turns with your favorite Legend of Zelda game, then hit up a Renaissance fair.
  • Play Splatoon, then go paintballing.
  • Do a couple of races on Mario Kart, then go go-karting (leave the shells at home).

Nerd Karaoke

It’s a shame that the songs featured in some of our favorite series are never on the list when you go out to karaoke night at the local bar. Fortunately, there’s a way for you and your SO to do karaoke night with all your favorites.

All you have to do is buy a Bluetooth karaoke microphone online. These microphones hook up to your cell phone. Then you have access to any instrumental track you can find online or through karaoke apps like Smule. Do a Disney song night or jam out to your favorite anime openings.


Couple Cosplay at a Con

Most date nights require you to put some thought into picking out the perfect outfit to wear. But what better way to tell the world that you and your SO are an item than wearing a couple cosplay to your favorite convention? However, prepare for people to stop you for pictures. It’s not every day they see their favorite couple in real life.

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