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Why You Should Wait for A Next-Gen Console

Next-gen consoles are finally arriving this November, and the excitement is gradually building thanks to the recent events Microsoft and PlayStation have been putting on. While you might be tempted to spend $500 to get the latest console, it might be better if you wait. Here are the reasons why you should wait for a next-gen console.

Why You Should Wait for a Next-Gen Console

The Demand Is High

The first reason why you should wait for a next-gen console is that it will probably be difficult to get one in the first place. Preorders for the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X have been crashing sites left and right with very few units left to order online, if any. Because of all the high demand, you are better off waiting patiently until there are more consoles instead of stressing out about get your hands on one.


Give Yourself Time To Improve Your Setup

Giving yourself more time also allows you the chance to get your gaming setup ready for all the new games coming out. Based on what we’ve seen already, next-gen games will have to be experienced in 4K, so you might need to update your TV, sound system, or figure out if you will have enough room for the new console first.


Many Next-Gen Games Will Be on Current Platforms

You also shouldn’t rush into a next-gen console right away because many of the titles that will be available at launch are also coming to current platforms. Typically, some time must pass before developers stop making games for the previous console. So, you will still be able to enjoy most of the exciting releases coming out like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Halo Infinite, Horizon: Forbidden West, and many others.


Avoid Issues

It’s also wise to wait until you get yourself a next-gen console because there are bound to be issues out of the gate when they launch this fall. Some specifications are also still missing, so you don’t even know what you are getting yet. Allow for first impressions to come in and then decide if a next-gen console is worth the money. More time will also help you figure out what kind of next-gen console will be best for you because you might have to ponder whether you are going all-digital or sticking with physical discs.

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