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How To Create A Geeky Interior Design Theme

When trying to find a way to represent the fandoms we love in our homes, it’s easy to just throw a poster or two up and call it a day. Designing an entire bedroom can be intimidating, but that shouldn’t stop you from transforming your room or home office into a little fandom paradise where you can get away from it all. For those who are ready for the challenge, here is how to create a geeky interior design theme.

How To Create a Geeky Interior Design Theme

Identify Your Franchise’s Color Scheme

When you think of any franchise, there are usually a few colors that immediately come to mind. If you can incorporate those colors into your room, you’ll call the franchise to mind even before you put your merch on display. For a Hogwarts-inspired room, start with incorporating either all four house colors or the color of the house of your choice, plus a brown to call to mind the wood of the great hall tables, the wands, and broomsticks. A Star Wars room would focus primarily on grey and black with pops of lightsaber red and blue. The list goes on.


Create a Focal Point

When it comes to room design, usually there is some central spot in the room that draws your eye—one object or feature that everything else will complement. In your living room, it might be a fireplace or a big piece of artwork. Once you have your color scheme, finding the perfect fandom focal point will really bring home your theme.

If you have a particularly large piece of merch that you’re proud of—an actual iron throne, a bookshelf painted like the TARDIS, a framed map of Middle Earth—that might be a good option. You can even turn your entire ceiling into a focal point by painting it to look like the sky of your favorite franchise. Toy Story Clouds, Gotham skyline, the possibilities are endless.


Incorporate Your Merch

Even if you don’t have a huge piece of merch, you can still take smaller pieces and incorporate them into the room’s design. Have a genuine, hand-crafted Master Sword and Hylian Shield? Mount them to the wall. Have an autographed photo of you and Stan Lee or some great vintage comics? Frame them. Get creative with the way you display figurines and other shelf-sized merchandise. And if you’re in a fanbase without a lot of official merchandise to add to your room, you can always visit websites like Etsy to acquire some fan-made merch. That way, you can support your local artists and make your room look awesome.

Whether you’re a Trekkie or a Brony, it’s not difficult to create a geeky interior design theme. If you know your fandom and use a little creativity, you can make a space that’s all your own.

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