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Aspie Recipes: Baking Cookies In A Hot Car

Over the last three days down here in Alabama.  We have had very hot days with temps over 100 degrees.  So it was hot enough to do a crazy experiment.  Does the baking cookies in a hot car actually work?  I got mini Nestle Toll House cookies and put 10 cookies on a cookie sheet.  The cookies were put in the car for over two hours.  When I got the cookies out of the car the cookie sheet was very hot and I had to use my shirt.  Then after the cookies cooled I tasted them and they were baked perfectly.  This was a great experiment and yes you can bake cookies in a hot car.  Enjoy the video!

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  1. Just one question: It is obviously the middle of one of our hot Alabama summers while this experiment is being done, so what’s with the Christmas tree in the background while the cookies are being sampled?

  2. Yes, I keep a small Christmas tree up 365 days a year. Since I live in a small apartment, I don’t have much room to put it away.