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Explore How To Get The Best Gaming Setup

When looking for the best gaming set-ups, no one item is more important than the other as each relies on the others. It doesn’t matter which type of gaming you are into, if the gaming environment is wrong, it will mean that it’s less enjoyable for you. So get comfy ready for the top tips on how to get the best gaming set-up for all your gaming needs.


  • The Chair

The most important part of your gaming setup is the chair. If your chair is not comfortable and supportive, you will start to hate gaming. Having a chair that is supportive of your back is vital! There is nothing that is worse than having backache from a chair because it will put you off using your whole gaming setup. This is why the right chair is number one on the list of what you need for the best gaming setup. The rest of the setup will evolve around the chair! 

What about the chair features? You can get gaming chairs with massagers built-in, with speakers built-in, with drink holders and all sorts these days. It depends on the price you are looking to spend, but the comfort factor is the most important for your gaming chair.


  • The Desk 

The next most important part of your setup is the desk. This comes second because you need to build the desk around the chair. The desk needs to be at the right height for the chair because you need to retain the comfort levels of the chair while using the desk. You need to be able to not lean forward out of the chair to reach your desktop keys because that defeats the point of having a fantastic gaming chair. Make sure you measure your chair and desk accordingly to make sure you have the comfiest setup.


  • The Device

The next item you need is the device for your gaming. Many people have one device for all their gaming needs, but some have multiple screens for game optimisation. You need to decide what type of gaming you enjoy the most before choosing the best device and this can be chosen in any manner of ways. If you enjoy country simulator games then multiple screens with a desktop computer would be best for your setup. However, if you enjoy games like Call Of Duty, then a TV setup will be better suited to you.  

You need to think carefully about the game that you are playing and what this is going to look best on. For example, there are some retro video games that can only be played on an older console as they have not been remastered for a newer device. Consider all of this before you make a device choice during set up.

You also need to think if friends will be gaming with you, how will they fit into the set-up? Do you need extra chairs, extra devices or extra gaming equipment for them? These are all important things to consider when building your gaming setup. 


  • The Headphones

There is nothing worse, when gaming, than someone complaining about your noise levels. ‘Turn it down’ is your parents/ neighbors favorite saying when you are at the crux point in your games. So headphones are a must. 

Again depending on what type of gaming you are taking part in depends on what features your headphones need. Multiplayer games would need headphones with a mic, whereas single-player games may not. The comfort of the headphones is really important too, as you don’t want to have to take them on and off throughout a gaming session. You need to think about what type of headphones are going to suit you. For example, are inner ear headphones going to suit your needs better than over-ear headphones? Do you want a headband to keep them in place or would you rather have Bluetooth headphones that have no leads? 

You also need to think about if you are going to be gaming with friends and if they will need headphones too, as some places offer discounts when buying two or more headsets. These are all things you need to think about during the development of your gaming setup.


  • Lighting

Creating the right gaming ambience starts with the lighting in the room. When gaming, lighting is everything. Too much lighting will result in screen glare, but too little can result in eye strain and headaches. This means that the positioning of your setup and the lighting arrangements need to match perfectly. Many people get around the problem of lighting with the use of LEDs, but this may mean you have to still close the curtains to game in the day which is not healthy.

The positioning of your setup should allow for you to play any time of day in optimum conditions. The best place for your setup is for the screens to be facing away from any windows, this avoids screen glare and will allow you to play during the day. It will also give you vitamin D from the suns rays without ruining your play time. 

The lighting during darker hours needs to enable you to play to the best of your ability without causing eye strain or damage. Using warm lighting in the room will reduce screen glare and still allow your body clock to be at a normal time range. Warm lighting encourages your body to start to wind down for bed, which counteracts the blue screens awakening properties. 

LEDs are a fun lower cost option to make the room seem gamey, but should not be relied upon for the only lighting in the room. 


By following these steps, you can start to develop the optimum gaming environment for your style of gaming, giving your body the best conditions for a gaming session. Remember to take regular breaks away from the screen and to stretch your legs often. Gaming is fun, but it’s not a twenty-four-hour hobby, you need time outside breathing in the fresh air too, allowing your brain a break so you can perform your best when you are next online. 

There are other important accessories that can help make your gaming experience more enjoyable and improve your comfort levels when gaming. 

Remember to game responsibly. 

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