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Benefits Of Investing In Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are growing in popularity by the day. One of the main reasons why this is the case is because of the celebrity trend for colored diamonds. Not only did Blake Lively bag the hunky Ryan Reynolds but she also got a big pink sparkler to go with it. What about the Kelly Clarkson? She has a stunning huge yellow diamond to sport! Aside from this, another reason why colored diamonds are popular is because people are becoming more experimental with their jewelry choices.


Before delving deeper into the reasons why you should buy a colored diamond, let’s first deal with how a diamond’s color is judged. The professional grading method in place is known as GIA certification. This ranks a diamond based on the four C’s; cut, clarity, carat and color. This is the best indication of a diamond’s quality and thus the reason why you should always opt for a jeweler providing GIA certification. When it comes to color a diamond is ranked from D to Z. D to F equates to colorless. G to J is for near colorless. K to M is for faint yellow. Finally, N to Z ranges from very light yellow to light yellow. Always get GIA certification when buying diamonds, especially on eBay. If you notice someone selling fake diamonds, read this on how to report infringements on eBay. This is vital so we can stamp out this problem. 

Out of ten thousand carats of diamonds mined only one carat will end up being naturally colored. This is why colored diamonds are so rare. As you can probably tell from the grading system, yellow is the most commonly occurring natural color and consequently it is the most popular. The rarest colors of the bunch are green, blue and red. 

Why should you invest in colored diamonds? 

So, now all of the background information has been provided, the real question on everybody’s lips is… Are colored diamonds a worthy investment? Research would indicate that many people believe they are. After all, the popularity of colored diamonds is currently soaring. 

Financial Security 

One of the main reasons why you should invest in a colored diamond is because they can provide financial security. Despite the uncertainty surrounding fiscal environments, the value of colored diamonds has never really decreased. In fact, it has consistently risen. 

Prices Set to Rise 

If you look into the market for colored diamonds and speak to any professional they will tell you that the sooner you invest the better. The popularity of these gems means that prices are set to soar and thus this is the reason why now is the time to invest in a colored diamond. 

Worldwide Appreciation

You should also take into account the fact that the rarity and value of colored diamonds is something that is recognized on a worldwide scale. Thus, there is always a market for them and they can be sold in any currency. 

Excellent for Jewelry 

A lot of people indeed opt to have their rare colored diamond incorporated into a stunning jewelry piece. Bespoke jewelry including these special diamonds can be worth fortunes. Not only do you have the rarity of the diamond but the jewelry design will be one of a kind as well. This is why you should consider custom jewelry with colored diamonds. 

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