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Essential Technology To Grow Your Small Business

Any business will need some tech to get it started, but if you’re going to grow your small business into a success, then there’s some specific items that you will definitely need. Growing a business needs the right tools to help you attract customers, and make keeping those customers an easier task. From software to gadgets, make sure you’re set up with these pieces of technology to take your business up a level.


Being able to take card payments is essential if your business is going to sell anything. Paying by card is the most convenient [payment method for most people, and they will expect to be able to pay this way. This relatively easy to set up for online businesses, but if you have a physical location, like a shop, you will need a card machine. For a simple gadget to start you off, try this credit card swiper for your phone. You can always upgrade to something more advanced later on, but a device connected to your phone is a great, inexpensive way to get started when your business is still new. 

Accounting software streamlines the process of managing your finances. By working online, it’s easy to share your financial details with your accountant, or for your Accounts team to keep track of everything they need. Many pieces of software for managing accounts also help you to be able to easily file your taxes online too, which is a much quicker option than sending off your tax return. You can even use these systems to manage invoicing, making it simple to keep track of the flow of cash coming in and out of your business. 


Finding a way to allow your team to work remotely is also very useful. Your staff will be able to work from anywhere, which can boost productivity. Many people prefer to work from home, and telecommuting offers the freedom to keep working for staff who may need to stay at home with an ill child, wait in for a delivery or who just find it easier to concentrate without the noise of the office. 

Try remote desktop applications to access files on the office computers from elsewhere. Issue virtual phone numbers, so the office lines can be answered from anywhere. You will of course also need to give your staff any equipment they will need to work from home, such as company laptops or smartphones. 

If you do give your team work phones, set them up with select apps that can be synced with the cloud to stay connected when they’re on the go. These can be especially helpful if you have a sales team who travel to clients and customers, as they can stay in touch with the office easily, whether via email or being able to access their documents from their phone. 

The right technology can help to grow your business by improving communication or by simplifying essential processes, like the accounts. Get this tech in place for important business growth.

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