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How Can You Help Your Biz To Be Greener?

The world more than ever is focused on making changes to reduce the impact that humans and their activities have on the planet. Awareness has never been so strong, with people like Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough leading the way, followed by movements such as Extinction Rebellion. Climate change is top of the list when it comes to priorities at the moment, as it should be, and in this post, we will look at some things that you can do to help your business go greener and be a part of the change.


#1 Make sure that you use sustainable construction techniques and materials where possible

When ordering any commercial building renovations, make sure to consider sustainable construction practices. Consider adopting green insulation if your building’s insulation has to be updated. Is it possible that it’s time to replace your roof? In this situation, solar panels could be installed to provide your business with a renewable source of energy and can enable you to be part of a community solar for businesses initiative. Another environmentally friendly option is green-roofing construction. These buildings are created by covering your current roof with grass, bushes, and plants. Improved air quality, lower heating costs, and built-in waterproofing are just some of the benefits. 


#2 Think about your corporate social responsibilities

CSR stands for ‘Corporate Social Responsibility,‘ and it refers to a business activity that attempts to benefit society through supporting activism or charity initiatives. It is recommended that you focus your CSR efforts on eco-based charities and issues if you want to go green as a company. When your business goals are aligned with sustainability, you will improve your reputation and acquire respect from new audiences.


#3 Streamline your production methods

Lean concepts can be defined as increasing the efficiency of your manufacturing processes in order to produce less waste through streamlining. Though this is the most common definition, lean principles can also be applied to non-manufacturing operations. Lean is about decreasing waste caused by human error, squandered time, inadequate storage, overproduction, or ordering too much inventory.


#4 Use cloud tech

The cloud is what you need to cut your consumption of paper and enable telecommuting opportunities, These efforts can assist you in being more environmentally conscious while also increasing your company’s productivity. When using cloud-based technology, it’s critical to invest in a strong security solution to protect your data and network. 


#5 Audit your workplace and facilities

Take a look around your site and assess the supply chain for waste goods. What kind of consumables do you keep on hand? Is it possible for you to move to compostable or at the very least recyclable products? What is the best way to place trash cans?

Make sure that the recycling and composting bins are more convenient than the ones that will end up in the landfill, and that the labels are easy to read. 

Prior to pick-up, assess how full the compactors, dumpsters, and recycling containers are. Facilities that raise their recycling rates frequently can reduce the number of pick-ups, saving money.

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