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Why Is The Idiotic Flat Earth Movement Still Thriving

If there is one thing that should be squished into nothingness, it’s this weird and idiotic flat Earth movement.  CNN has a news story about how the flat Earth movement is still […]

Animation Monday: Lil Dicky – Earth (Earth Day Music Video)

Today is Earth Day, and this new music video fits in with the theme!  Lil Dicky has a new music video out titled “Earth.”  This CGI music video celebrates the animals and […]

Go Inside A Conference Telling People That The Earth Is Flat

We all know the Earth is round, I mean, its taught very early in a child’s education.  But, there are some people out there that are very convinced that the Earth is […]

See A Perfect Seven Mile Model Of Our Solar System

Want to see a scale of the solar system, this video below can show it to you!  In To Scale: The Solar System filmmakers Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet spent 36 hours meticulously […]

Go On A Tour Of The International Space Station With Smarter Every Day

Do you want to know what is inside the International Space Station?  You are in luck, because the YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay has done a video showing you what is inside the ISS.  Well, not […]

The Best Of The Perseid Meteor Shower Is Tonight

The Perseid meteor shower is starting to happen right now!  The Perseids are bits of ice and dust from the former comet Swift-Tuttle, and the Earth passes through the debris every August. […]

Watch Smarter Every Day And Veritasium Tackle The Truth About The Toilet Swirl

This is amazing stuff!  The YouTube channels Veritasium and SmarterEveryDay did videos about the truth of the toilet swirl.  You know, the toilet swirl direction is different in the northern and southern hemispheres.  But it turns […]

Hey Look, Planet Earth Might Soon Have An International Flag

So, do you think that planet Earth should have its own flag?  It might soon have one!   Oskar Pernefeldt created the planetary flag as a graduation project at Beckmans College of […]

Smarter Every Day Shows Us The Holes In The International Space Station

Yes, even the International Space Station has holes in them.  No, I don’t mean holes where the astronauts could not live.  The holes/windows give us breathtaking views of Earth, and awesome nighttime […]

Animation Monday: Earth Day Political Cartoons

On this week’s Animation Monday, I thought I would find some of my favorite Earth Day political cartoons.  You know why I am including these, because most of us will think about […]

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