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Good News Fridays: How One Man With A Siren Lawnmower Builds Community

A person from Alabama continues to do good deeds.  And he was recently featured on Great Big Story.  The grass is always greener when you give back. Or so Rodney Smith Jr. would have us believe. He’s the founder of Raising Men Lawn Care Service, and he mows lawns for people who can’t do the chore themselves—the elderly, the disabled, single parents and veterans.

Smith has mowed more than 2,000 lawns in all 50 states and has recruited hundreds of kids throughout the country to do the same in their neighborhoods. Now, he is inviting police officers to cut grass with him on his latest cross-country lawn mowing tour. It’s a way for cops to connect with the communities they serve. As a bonus, he’s even made a special lawnmower that lights up like a patrol car.  Now that’s lawn and order.

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