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Help Rodney Smith Jr. Stay In The USA With His Raising Men Lawn Care Service Mission

Now, this is just plain stupid and dumb, and I hope this will end well.  Huntsville native Rodney Smith Jr. shared on his social media that he was denied a green card.  […]

Good News Fridays: How One Man With A Siren Lawnmower Builds Community

A person from Alabama continues to do good deeds.  And he was recently featured on Great Big Story.  The grass is always greener when you give back. Or so Rodney Smith Jr. […]

Good News Fridays: Rodney Smith Jr. Mows Lawns For Free

Alabama and Huntsville native Rodney Smith Jr. has completed his mission.  He has gone to all 50 states to mow lawns for people who are disabled, veterans, or just needs some help.  […]

See How Lawn Mower Blades Cut Grass From Smarter Every Day

Destin Sandlin from SmarterEveryDay has a new video out.  And if you ever wanted to know how lawn mowers get the grass cut, this video is for you!  Destin took a slow motion […]

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