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The Evening Post: The Untold Truth Of CiCis Pizza

People can eat their pizza-loving hearts out at CiCis. Even the pizza biz, though, doesn’t come without its share of gossip. CiCis has seen some ups and downs since its inception. Keep watching to get the straight sauce on the untold truth of CiCis. CiCis is synonymous with pizza. And for good reason: until 2015, the brand was called Cici’s Pizza.

Not only did they drop the “pizza” part from their name, they also dumped the apostrophe, causing mass confusion over just whose restaurant chain this is anymore. But there was a reason behind the madness. By changing from Cici’s Pizza, to simply “CiCis,” the chain hoped to emphasize that they have a lot more to offer than a slice of pie. They also offer salad, soups, pastas, wings, desserts — and even a game room — and they don’t want you to forget that, which might be why their new slogan is “Beyond Pizza.”

Enjoy this video from the folks at Mashed below!


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