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The Evening Post: How Dollar General Really Keeps Their Prices So Low

From YouTube channel Mashed, the prices at Dollar General are often twenty to forty percent lower than what you see at grocery stores and drugstores. Wonderful, but how do they do it? How does Dollar General get away with keeping their prices so very, very low? Let’s dig deep and find out the secrets.

Dollar General stores are often found in places that are commonly referred to as “food deserts.” That’s essentially an area where access to healthy, nutritious food is noticeably limited by factors like poverty.

It’s no accident that you’ll often find Dollar General in a rural area with no big-box retailers or grocery stores within 15 miles. According to CNN, 75 percent of Dollar General’s retail locations open in towns with 20,000 or fewer residents. This prompts customers to make multiple visits, boosting the company’s bottom line and allowing them to pass along savings to consumers.

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