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Are Your Fingers Twitching To Get Started With Gamer Streaming

If you love games, the chances are that you also love Twitch. This live streaming platform is sizzling hot in the gaming world right now. In many ways, the addiction to watching games in this way comes down to community. Playing in your room can get lonely at times. Live and internet-based games have helped combat that, but even they can’t compete with what Twitch offers. Here, top streamers manage to grow fandoms as large as any other celebrity. And, their followers find comfort in being a part of that.

For some of us, though, watching isn’t enough. Our fingers start twitching (funnily enough), and we want to get stuck in with playing ourselves. But, we don’t want to lose the community we’ve built. There’s a straightforward solution. Why not start streaming yourself? This way, you get the benefit of the community while still playing. If you manage to make a success of your stream, you may even find yourself benefiting financially. Top streamers make big bucks, after all. As can be seen from this definition of esports by Roundhill, Twitch is such big business that even investors are getting onboard. But, how exactly can you guarantee that your Twitch stream reaches the big time?

Build your brand

There’s no way you can get big here without first building your brand. There are around 3.2million streamers on Twitch each month, after all. That means your stream could get swallowed up if you aren’t careful. You’ll certainly struggle to pull large enough crowds if you come across as meek and mild. Instead, you need to brand yourself as something an audience wants to get behind. That means putting plenty of personality into each stream. You may also find that perfecting your play in a particular type of game helps more followers notice your name.

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Keep it consistent

In many ways, going for the big time on Twitch is like getting a full-time job. It’s no good streaming once or twice a week. You need to keep your content consistent and regular to keep all eyes on you. Streamers at the top of their game can play for up to six hours a day. Of course, you won’t be able to reach those levels yet. But, streaming at least once a day at a set time could see you building up to dedicating much more time here later.

Get another computer as soon as you can afford it

Gamers care about quality. You don’t need us to tell you that. What you might not realize is that trying to play and stream from one computer can cause issues. If your picture isn’t as good as it could be, you could struggle to grow your stream as you might like. As soon as you earn enough this way, then, make sure to invest in another computer. That way, you can use one for streaming and one for play. This will improve quality no end, and could see you up there with the best.

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